Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Psych Experiment: Hamlyn

    Poor Ham.
    We're coming up to 4weeks in the new house, and he's had trouble adjusting.

    For 3 weeks, he slept. His paws were sweaty ( sign o' stress ), and his nails were always out ( sounded like a small dog needing a nailcut when he trip-trapped across the floor ). He also ( grr ) made some major pulls on some on my favourite clothes, by getting his fearful claws stuck in them .... but I can't hate him.

    I got worried the day C. found him, asleep on a box in his room, and patted him. Ham wee'd himself. On his bedding. Without moving :(
    I watched the wee pool on the floor with a sad disbelief :(

    I buttered his paws, I took him out for special cuddles late at night when all had gone to bed. I gave him special food. I was beginning to think he needed a shot of Dr Harry-recommended Valium-For-Pets.

    He's over 10yrs old, but a veteran of like, 5 moves, ALL without drama. What was different ?
    His age ? The size of the house ? The extra monster ( Master B ) ?

    So I summoned all I knew. I'm a great believer in sunshine as a healer ( point in case - I can't live in dark houses ... the UK suicide correlations ( SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder ), and Northern European cities that have
    Sunshine Bars for the benefit of Human Happiness in Winter .. )

    So 3 weeks into this, I was despairing. I packed him into his cat box and I put him out into the middle of the lawn in a nice sunny possy. I kept the boy locked up indoors.

    Every now and again, i'd walk out to check washing on the line or whatever. When the cat looked comfortable enough, I opened the front grille. I then went inside, and we watched him smell and visit every part of the garden, rubbing his chin on jutting twigs and stretching out on a rough barked trunk.

    Changed cat.

    He's still not out of the woods, but he no longer looks like we kick him every day for fun.
    He now comes out of his room, has resumed purring, and seems happier.

    Good stuff.

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