Friday, June 16, 2006

    Let Me .. Entertain You ..

    Well .. me & A. & B & S anyway ...

    Yayyayyayyyyayayaaayyy ROBBIE !!!!!!!!!!!

    Total fluke we got in - AB had just shot off a nasty email to Ticketmaster on what shonky services they offer .. when ... a window of opportunity appeared ( considering the 1st Melb concert sold out in 20mins ... we'd been online for about 2hrs by this stage, with the Ticketmaster website overloaded and malfunctioning ( boo hoo - like we care .. provide the service you say you do ... grr )

    But the Robbie God shone down on us, the clouds parted and we're in.

    I remember the last time Robbie was in town .. driving to work the next day after NOT GOING.. and the radio was abuzz with swooning girls, and everyone was just going off about how it was the most awesome concert they had ever been too. I almost cried, turned back home, took the day off .. I swear.

    We love you, Robbie !

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