Sunday, June 18, 2006


    So we needed a few things for our new, bigger home. Nothing urgent.
    But a trip into Richmond on a Sunday during a clearance demanded we'd do the lot, and never ever return again. Hopefully.

    The clincher was recommending to some others the IKEA trainsets. They are compatible with the
    Thomas & Friends sets, but a 2nd mortgage on your home isn't required, which is nice.

    Logging on to the website to provide a link, I noticed they had ADDED to their exisiting basic set ( which we already own ). The temptation was too great - life just wouldn't be the same without some extra track, bridges and ... stuff.

    Anyway, all I can say is that I am glad we did not buy C. a birthday present.
    When opportunities like this come up, our restraint is weak.

    We also got other assorted stuff - like a lamp for the spare room, a storage container for all the Megabloks, some bathroom stuff, some kitchen stuff .. and a black/whiteboard easel .. which WILL remain unpacked, under the bed, for a real occasion ... like .. Xmas .. maybe ...

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