Monday, June 19, 2006

    Emotional Manipulation

    How are children so clever ? Is it learned or inate ?

    Today, after C. threw a cardboard box out the window ( "oh dear!" ) for the 3rd time, I refused to join in his chorus of shock and disappointment.

    I said "no, that's naughty, it's not "oh dear", you did it on purpose"
    He gives me a big joyous wave and says "seeya!". I do not return wave.
    He tries to High-Five me. I ignore the offer.
    He tries to 'make' my hand High-Five him - it remains fast.

    Then the clincher - a puckered up mouth beseaching me with kissy/smoochy noises.
    I turn away, now silently laughing, my hitching shoulders the dead-giveaway. He tries to turn my head to face him - still with the kissy noises and adorable fishface. I continue to resist. He now has me by the chin and makes me face him.

    I can't resist, I kiss him.

    Used, he drops me like a hot scone. "Seeya" he says, reverting to the initial cheerful 'I do no wrong' happy face.

    I am laughing, I will regret this manipulation at a later date, but I am so under his thumb.
    I recover enough to issue stern finger-wagging request that he go outside and pick up the boxes.

    "Seeya!" says happyface, with a joyous wave. Hmmm...

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