Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Another Big Day..

    Well, they all seem to be jam-packed at the moment - what with Foxtel guys and Telstra guys and Architects and Mother's Group and Playgroup and the usual grocery/unpacking/chores etc ... i'm looking a bit .. err .. tired. AB's parents visit tomorrow .. then blissful sloth for the weekend( hopefully ? )

    Anyway, the house smelt ... mmm .. smoldering ?? this morning. I'm walking around, sniffing, trying to locate the cause, thinking "well, there goes Playgroup/ Cats die in household fire"

    Turns out an occasional table I had out yesterday for Brie & bikkies for mum's group had been pushed up right next to the 80's gas heater in the family room ( I wonder who did that ? )
    Anyway, it was a good lesson in the physical meaning of 'hot' .. after the initial few days of fear, he's been a bit lax around it, but he was quite disturbed by the burnt wood ( which retained heat and smell for a LONG time ! )

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