Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Now on the 'net ...

    No pics as yet though - a bit 'grrrr' about that. I'll complain if they're not up by tomorrow.

    We are on 3 sites at the moment - the R/E Agent's site, and We will be on by Friday, apparently.

    The weird thing is, the agent had 4 emails this morning of people interested and looking NOW ( one couple were just about to put an offer on another house ! ), so I had 2 private showings today ! The first couple, I don't think so, but the 2nd were pretty keen apparently.
    They are in their 60's with no kids, live around the corner in a 2bd townhouse, and are sick of nowhere to sleep their frequent o'nite guests, but love the fact they can walk everywhere, so don't want to lose that.

    The R/E Agent reckons he might even hear back from them tonight.
    They were discussing making our laundry into a bathroom and simply having a 'European' laundry in the kitchen ( like what we thought would be best .. if we stayed here .. )

    In other news, a house only 2 doors up went for $720k on the weekend - same as ours, a little more modern and done up, and with a little more backyard, but wow, what a price !

    If someone offered us $500k, we would sell before auction, but nothing less.
    It's hard work having a spotless house with a toddler though ! :)

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