Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Professional Piccies !

    I love these 2x pics the best ;)

    Bit of excitement here this morning. We are dressed and ready for Playgroup.
    A monster truck parks out front, blocking driveway and street frontage of house ( huge truck ).
    Load of blokes disembark, in worker outfits and start walking up and down footpath, pointing etc.
    Now, we have had our nature strip dug up about 5x this year, and I smelled trouble ( replacing old pipes, water, gas, dunno - soooo many diggings, you'd think we had dinosaurs down there ;)

    ANYWAY, I march out and speak to them and say
    "I hope you're not planning on digging up our strip"
    Yep, they are.
    I am auctioning my house at the moment
    We will take good care and put on good topsoil and seed. Hmmm, yeah, like all the other times.

    I come back inside, call AB and give him number on side of truck. He is livid.
    Calls guy - guy refuses to tell him who he is working for ( ?? )
    AB says if you dig, I will call the police

    Meanwhile, while AB was getting no answers ( all the big bosses of "Dig You Up Inc" were in meetings all morning ), I called our R/E Agent to say "is there any law you know of etc?" He is not there, so I leave message on his mobile. He calls back in 10mins like a Superhero yelling "I'm on my way to stop them" ( LOL ) .. but after AB threatened to call the police, nobody was touching our yard ;)

    Anyway, when he got here anyway, he had the proofs of our billboard and mag entries, so that was interesting, and off we went to Playgroup, where I read the story, and we made "Commonwealth Games Medals". I think the mummies enjoy craft even more than the kids "Pass me the glitter ! Who's got the stars?"

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