Saturday, July 17, 2010

    Do you Know What?

    I was going to make the last post my last on this blog. I felt it fitting: All You Need is Love & Understanding. A nice goodbye, but, like the ending of most movies these days, with an escape clause to make a sequel if desired.

    A soft ending.

    To be honest, i'm not really sure who hangs around here anymore.
    4 years.

    4 years I kept up a decent enough banter - I mean, if you're into chat about the normal things a 30-something married woman of two boys is into ( HEY! - I only turned 40 recently, and haven't really been blogging since, so we'll call it a 30-something-thing, OK?! :)

    But then I returned to work, but it wasn't quite the work i'd been doing for the 15yrs before children, and I wasn't working for another - it's taken up a LOT of my time. You probably noticed ( if you're still here ).

    And then you get so bogged, it's like the proverbial horse. Can I still blog the 6yr old's birthday, from April? You should have seen the cake! Can I still blog my 40th? With the cool gifts I got from girlfriends, that they might have expected to see showcased here in gratitude? Can I?

    The thing is, time passes, and then it doesn't seem relevant anymore, so you don't. And then you feel like you need to apologise for your absence, and quite frankly, I don't want to write about how sorry I am, or how busy I am every time I log on here, and I doubt you do either. Yawn stifling, I know.

    So where to from here?
    Not sure.

    I just added my twitter and facebook buttons to the sidebar.

    facebook? That place you hate and deride?


    I hate dislike facebook, but it seems the world loves it, so i'm there and i'm kinda getting used to it. Like my beloved twitter, I don't have to think so much - it's a quick tweet on the run, or an update from a mobile phone. It seems more current, more fresh. More 'what people do now'.

    Whatever that means.

    As for this blog, well, again, not sure.

    So far i'm thinking:
    - let it go as is, with the occasional monthly update, but mainly *crickets*
    - kill it
    - post a pic a week, so you can see my kids grow, if that's at all interesting?
    - other?

    Honesty would be your best policy.

    If you're here.
    And inclined to comment
    Even though I rarely make the return comment run
    I still care
    I do

    Don't make me go all Olivia Newton John on your arses.



    muser said...

    Well you nearly made me cry with those words of a potential goodbye.

    But hey, if you're not getting any personal gain from maintaining this blog, I say it's time to stop. I can get my fill of updates on your gorgeous boys and home renos from your other hangouts.


    Fe said...

    Ebbs and flows.

    Which means that you might get all bloggy on us again further down the track.

    never say never..


    Fe said...

    Ebbs and flows.

    Which means that you might get all bloggy on us again further down the track.

    never say never..


    Kiki said...

    Interesting you write this post. Only today did I sit down to type away about how it's just gone 5 years since my first post. But I began to bore myself so I saved it as a draft and I will finish it soon.

    Like the previous comment, never say never. Leave it open...that's how I operate best anyway.

    Please don't go gettin' all ONJ on us :)
    ( better shape up....'cause I need a man!!)

    Liesl said...

    Nah, leave it open H&B. We'll be here if you decide to drop back sometime ( ... but not in some kind of weird stalkerish sitting-in-a-car-watching-the-front-door-with-binoculars kind of way).


    Sunnyroadmum said...

    Heh, you just summed up my thoughts on my poor neglected blog...

    I say keep it going. As Fe says, you never know when you'll feel like getting back into it

    We honestly love you too

    Anonymous said...

    The beautiful thing about keeping a blog is that it is totally self-indulgent. It is what you want it to be. It holds no expectations or timetables. It evolves when you evolve, it slows when you slow, it waits while you wait.

    How does it fit into your life? That's the way you should blog.

    I'll still call by to visit and read.

    Mary said...

    Pretty much what Tracey said...

    I love to see your feed pop up in my reader - as rarely as you want to..

    Louise said...

    Well I'm in that boat too! You described it perfectly - relevance and all that. I think I agree with Tracey.

    Julia said...

    With all of the people we deal with in our day to day life - surely there must be no need for apologies on your own blog.

    You're one of the first blogs I started reading. I loved your wit and sarcasm - always made me smile. I have seen you grow in confidence as you pursue your photography dream - your work is beautiful and I'd miss it if I didn't see a pic every now and then. I've become a follower of your FB page, so I'm all loved up in the H&B photo department.

    Enjoy your journey, wherever it may take you. Thanks for the giggles along the way. x

    Michelle said...

    i'll still call by to check out what is happening - crazy as it is.

    Have also toyed with the idea of packingthe blogging thing in. Then went and started a neew blog with a different slant and thought that would keep me going....sadly not!! i just look at my blogs as records for myself - my kids. There are no diaries for them to giggle over in years to come just a few pictures and random posts to remind them of what "Mum used to get up to".

    Best Wishes

    Kirsty said...

    See you when we see you h&b. I'm of the never say never school of thought but it's true some things run their course.

    Whatever works for you is AOK with me.

    Elizabeth said...

    I'm in the same boat, going through a very busy time in life and there are not that many readers hanging around.
    Most people read through feeds these days though, so whenever your highlighted, your on.

    Hate Facebook too but I'm there - occasionally.

    Katrina said...

    Oh I am hearing you! I think about saying goodbye ALL the time! I have been blogging for 4 years too... and there are just so many blogs out there that it's hard to keep up. I love reading your blog, and you know I love twitter... so stick around if you can. Even if it's just pictures, no words....cos I know the words are hard to write (time-wise!). I too feel twitter is so mcuh easier - it's instant and reactive. Blogging makes you wait for reations and sometimes who can be bothered?? Let me know what you decide! K.

    Stomper Girl said...

    I found I couldn't do three online things, so I dropped out of twitter (but I didn't do anything crazy like delete the account).

    Maybe you should ask yourself what your blog is for. If it's meant to be a record of your *ahem* 30 something life and maybe beyond, then yes, keep it. If it's just an outlet for your stream of thought then twitter and facebook well and truly cover it.

    This is a busy time for you with setting up your own business and managing very young children, so maybe something has to give. And if blogging is the one making you fell hassled or guilty, then maybe that will be thing you give up.

    Uli said...

    I definitely wouldn't kill it.

    I think just leave it go and see what happens. Post when you feel like it. I definitely don't think that the blog still existing should be a pressure to post.

    And I will, of course, check in when you do...

    Anonymous said...

    Don't kill it! I think every long-term blogger goes through phases when it just isn't something you have the time for, or you lose a bit of interest etc. But you always come back. I'll be raking up ten years in December on my blog and it is a mess, long gaps, bits in old databases waiting to be manually copied over, photos and comments from old posts hidden ('cos of spam issues, long since sorted but still .....)and I'm really glad now that I've never killed it. I have this almost-a-book of our lives for the last ten years.

    Totally agree re facebook and twitter, but reading tweets in ten years won't be the same as re-reading old blog posts and photos!

    Fairlie - said...

    I could have written Stomper's comment - except I can't even cope with two things - so I've pretty much abandoned Twitter and Facebook. I keep my blog going purely as a record of bits and pieces, a little snapshot of times, people, events and places. And I don't think there is a rule as to how many of those snapshots I need to have, or how frequently. Once I accepted that, I felt less pressure and now I just blog when I feel like it.

    Do what suits you best...but like others have said, I'd like to pop by to see your snapshots every now and then!

    Julie-Ann said...

    See how love you are. Don't go - stay. I know give up work and talk to us all day lol.

    Missy Boo said...

    As long as you're not disappearing from the social networking scene altogether, that would be too sad.

    I'll keep you in Google Reader in case you come back

    LBA said...

    Well, thanks - it kinda wasn't a plea for comments, just talking out aloud .. and muser - it wasn't going to be all sad, I just thought i'd leave it there, nothing else said ;)

    I suppose you're right though - I forget people have readers and it's not like i'm taking up someone else's space by being here. I guess as i'd had a couple of emails asking what was going on, I felt a bit like I should work it, or shut the shop.

    So i'll stay here, sporadicly, rarely, often posting in blurts and spurts.

    I just wish i had the time to post all the stuff I want to ;)


    tiff(threeringcircus) said...

    I have been thinking about how long I can blog the same things over and over again. I like to blog but I bore myself somedays too.

    Taking a break is not so bad, keep you blog though, it would be such a shame to close it down and who knows, you may suddenly feel the urge again.

    Melody said...

    I'm hearing you. It's been over a month since my own last post. Time is just swallowed up these days to actually sit down and think of something that others would like to read. But I should be doing posting more regularly once my life becomes more regular again.

    Oh, and I second what Tracey said.

    ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

    I am here and in pretty much the same boat without the awesome photos ;-).
    I love reading the exploits of your boys ...reminds me of my own LOL.

    We all go through very busy times in life and can't get around to commenting let alone blogging.It's a season maybe.
    I don't think I have that many readers hanging around either , even once loyal bloggy friends don't stop by.
    I think why do I bother but I will , one day.

    Ps I don't hate Facebook exactly but it puzzles me why people expose themselves so much to real family & friends , the exploits, pouts and rants and but still I'm hanging around there just to be nosy.

    My google reader has not been visited in ages I get blog links from twitter mainly there you go.

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