Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Ok, I got Something..

    The other day the smaller boy and I were walking to pick up the bigger boy from school. As we walked, Dangerboy used his fingers to make a pretty good replica of a pistol and shot at passing cars.

    "Shoot.Cars " he kept telling me joyfully.

    He worries me.

    Anyway, it reminded me of a shot I took a few weeks ago at his brother's golf lesson ( we no longer do Auskick, much to the brutish younger child's dismay )

    Grouse Shooting

    which I simply call "Grouse Shooting"
    ( but I think he was pointing out a plane overhead )

    Note: we have no access to rifles, pistols, or any other firearm. We do not know people that shoot for sport or pleasure. But we don't know anyone who smokes either, and I distinctly remember, at the same age, often coming across the older boy, kicking back on the couch, smoking a pen, and I mean, like a pro.



    Ms Brown Mouse said...

    It's not all nuture, some of us is nature :)

    Missy Boo said...

    You just reminded me of my daughter 'rolling cigarettes' at age 2 and a bit. To my knowledge she had never seen anyone do this...
    Even more worrying was when she explained that Towelie (her imaginary friend) showed her!!!

    muser said...

    My youngest was wearing a Transformers mask and carrying some sort of light-sabre style of weapon today and saying "kill, kill".


    M said...

    Shows you can't fight nature. He looks like he's got a natural grouse shootin' stance too...

    Stacey said...

    Shooting? Grouse.

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