Sunday, April 21, 2013

    Paint/Tiles Paint/Tiles

    Because i'm a fussy beast, i've found and decided what I want, but keeping my options open
    with a couple of new tile places suggested to me that aren't over the other side of town.

    I loooove the bluestone, but i've found something even prettier I haven't seen in store yet. 
    Still natural stone, still blue, but with the added interest of autumn tones..

    Autumn, my favourite season

    Anyway.. we'll see, the race is on...

    Painting Decisions..

    this is the kitchen/living/pantry to date ..
    not much visual change besides the fireplace is in place.
    The stonetops are in now too, but the template remains as a protective cover, and it's
    heavy and dusty, so i'll leave that reveal for another day..

    In other news, i'd decided paints and was quite smug and confident.. except the painters
    .. undercoated some internal doors I think my husband was hoping to sand back
    and restore.  Because we were never sure/decided on this anyway, we've decided to let them
    get on with it, and if it sucks, we strip them back and start again later on down the track.

    But I don't have colours for doors.

    What I do know though is that I love hi-gloss enamel on doors and trims, so keep in mind
    the look will be glossy.

    And maybe a blue-grey.  Kinda like the bluestone I seem so fixated on ...

    Painting Decisions..

    The main paints are:
    WALLS: Dulux White Duck Half-Strength ( more a light beige )
    TRIMS: Dulux Vivid White ( as name suggests .. )

    DOORS: Well, as of yesterday ( armed with a dozen grey swatches .. my favourite being
    Mallard Grey - it's a Mallard!  It's a duck!  Get the connection! .. but it was too red/purple
    ) ..
    I ended up with something called Monk Grey ( it's the middle colour above the door-handle up there )

    Again, I have a thing for contrast.. but am wondering if I should just keep them in white?
    They look good in the pics white, but .. in real-life?

    Painting Decisions..

    I have a similar blue-grey on the roller blinds, which you can see a bit of, and of course,
    there will be a bluestone splashback ( 99.8% sure ) and i'll be continuing those over at the
    fireplace fascia..

    BUT!  Will it be too dark?  And where do I stop - should I make ALL my doors dark grey,
    or just those in the original end?  It seems I really am bad at decision making ;)

    Painting Decisions..

    Painting Decisions..

    In fact, the more I look at these, I totes think dark grey is the way to go.
    Opinions, both good & bad, always welcome..



    B is building a house said...

    I'd match them to the trim colour :)


    h+b said...

    That is my only bugbear B ... I'm a bit fan of the architraves matching the doors .. But I don't want grey trims .. I did however find a page this am with some good examples I didn't despise - ha!

    The other thing I could do is paint the door trims separate to the floor trims? The painter would love that .. He's already a cranky pants to begin with!

    little miss olive said...

    oh my WOW! everything is looking so so so good. no, great. i love all those colours....i'm drooling as i type!!

    K-L said...

    Lea...indecision is my new middle name. I've given this some thought and I think unless all archs are dark, the doors might look out-of-place. I'd go vivid white and amp up your accent colour with accessories / decor. x KL

    Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART said...

    I love those floors. I would go for the gray doors and leave the trim white. Looks like you have tons of light there. Love what you have done so far!

    In The Night Sky said...

    I vote for gray doors and white trim! I think it would really add a little something extra, you know? I would have liked to paint the doors in my hallway dark but the area is dark as it is - this looks like a nice, light space which could take dark doors well. Great doors!

    summer pickles said...

    Hi lovely! It's looking gorgeous! We always chickened out and did our doors same colour as trims, but we were always going to sell, so made different choices. Oh, that is excepting our front door which was black and I love love loved it. Grey house, white trim, black door. Loved it. Whatever you choose will be stunning, you do have a bit of an eye, you know! xxx

    Kiki said...

    It's all looking so damn lovely and fresh LB! Really glad I popped by to check this post out. You must feel so proud seeing your work come to life.

    ellabellabooblog said...

    Love the idea of the blue/grey doors and white trims. A little bit different. Like you.

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