Saturday, March 02, 2013

    Week 6 Update:


    Looking into the butler's pantry-slash-laundry from the living area ( there will be a kitchen to buffer this look ;)

    Yeah, I focused on the wiring cord as it said "Made in Australia"  *shrug*


    The Wormy Chestnut arrived.

    The builders think I have incredible taste and were all asking about it.
    The last job they did was one of those 'my floorboards are so perfectly sheened and matching I might as well have bought lino".

    I could stand around inhaling the scent of it all day.


    and we have some framework! ta-dah!


    B is building a house said...

    Love it! Love the floor you've chosen. Look forward to seeing photos of it installed <3

    Exciting stuff!!!!


    Anonymous said...

    It's going fast, isn't it?
    I too want to see those floorboards down and up close, are you still planning on oiling them?


    Admin said...

    I want to Mez .. but I need to talk to some more people first.. i've heard reports that it's a drama, and another friend that said hers are perfect and 10yrs on still look good...

    More research is needed .. ;)