Friday, February 22, 2013

    Kitchen Decisions

    This week has been a big buying week.

    I kinda liked the adrenaline of running around spending 'pretend' money
    ( aka: money we have to pay back to the bank, hello credit ) and making pretty-much snap decisions on applicances etc.  AB doesn't get a buying rush, so I think the word for his experience would be: draining.

    Ok, in the kitchen - fridge, stove, dishwasher, check, check, check.

    I deviated onto lighting when I was supposed to be thinking sinks .. so still gotta go there
    ( and my lights are out of stock until May, so I may have to make-do with something lesser-loved.  Poo )

    Over at the house, they've been bricking in an old external door and making a new one in my laundry/pantry.  Swish.  It's set to become my favourite room.

    I was over at Caesarstone yesterday looking at slabs of rock to lock in my final decision. 
    It turns out some of my shortlist were way too busy when viewed large, so I surprised myself
    by going meek & subtle. 

    Ice Snow it is.

    However, there WAS a fab slab called Free Spirit which was *adorable* .. but discontinued
    due to beige chumps like myself not having any imagination or the guts to use it.  Pshaw. 

    I thought it was actually quite subtle, and if it was still available, i'd be getting it for sure. 
    I was assured I would not be able to even find an offcut anywhere in the country,
    let alone 3+ metres of it. 

    Pshaw I say again.


    free spirit

    It has two of my fave stones in it: amber & amethyst.

    I have a beautiful art deco amethyst ashtray that belonged to AB's grandma that picks up the prettiest light.  I pinched it from the table of stuff no-one wanted that was going to the Salvos. 

    Maybe amethyst isn't for everyone then.

    Ok, so White Snow.  All good.  Looks pretty in slab form, won't pick fights with Uncle Barry or offend the Tupperware host.  Wears pearls, crosses her legs, doesn't swear.  Done.

    Next problem: The laundry that runs ( doorless ) off the kitchen .. with the 5m bench on one side,
    and the pantry shelving on the other.

    We can't afford the luxe in there, so it has to be Laminex.

    I found a chip that matches the Ice Snow .. but it just wasn't sitting well with me .. not only was the tone slightly off and cooler .. it just seemed .. like it was pretending to be something it wasn't? 
    With stone, you have that depth.. whereas the laminex was a printed stone pattern.  Flat as a tack. 

    It bothered me. 
    Would I get over it, or would it always make me wince?


    So ( I think ) i've decided not to match it.  I've picked out a plain light linen speckle that isn't pretending to be anything else .. it's just a beige-y heshian-y shade that's quite nice. 

    It's called Platinum Micro.


    BUT, will it look weird to have another colour peeking through in the laundry? 
    Unless I pick up this shade in a splashback later on to tie it in? 
    Possible .. i'm not up to splashbacks yet - neither colour or subtrate. 
    ( I think they quoted me on glass though, which would be nice.. )

    I could also pop it in under my island, where the kids will be kicking it on the barstools?


    The black box above is supposed to represent the open doorway that will be there .. where you will plainly see the laundry benchtops

    OR: Should I go with the fake-stone-look laminex that kinda-matches the Caesar?

    Or something else?

    What would you do?


    In The Night Sky said...

    I don't think it will look weird having a slightly different colour in your laundry, it will define that area as being separate to the kitchen :) The Laminex colour picks up the colour in the Caesarstone really well and pairs better with it than the other Laminex you have pictured. These decisions are so hard though, aren't they?

    little miss olive said...

    ooh, it's a tricky one!

    part of me says go for the laminate stone look because really, how often are people going to go into your laundry...and from the distance of the kitchen, would you really notice the difference?

    but then, like you say, if they're too different and noticeable, go for the platinum micro and then perhaps put a touch of it in your kitchen. what were you going to put under the island?

    i'm kind of like, well, if you're going for stone in your kitchen, don't bother to put laminate in there anywhere...

    perhaps you could find a vase or bowls or something that's similar to the laminate from the laundry and place those in the kitchen to tie in the colour?

    eep! too many choices!

    (i have to say that i love everything so far though, so i'm sure whatever you choose will look pretty awesome)

    i look forward to seeing what you decide!

    ellabellabooblog said...

    Hey, another freaky. .. In our first v house c we v couldn't afford the Caesarstone and absolutely loved the ice snow so we used that exact laminate. With Stipple Seal cabinets and metallic silver glass. I'd definitely use the matching laminate but also look at maybe the stone in a thinner top or even getting a quote on the real thing. It might not be as much as you'd think.
    I am so living vicariously through you.

    Stacey said...

    I wouldn't go the matchy matchy that doesn't really matchy. It would jar every time I walked into that room. Having seen the soon to be new area the other day, the photo above totally makes sense. Can't wait to see the real deal.

    Alex Castle said...

    I have ice snow in my kitchen (great choice!) I had the exact same dilemma - small walk in pantry off the kitchen with a bench top in there - didn't/couldn't put caesarstone throughout and debated colour - I went with a total contrast - slate flecked laminate and I have a silver/grey painted glass splashback and I love how it turned out! I think an almost match or similar colours might be a bit risky - remember different angles and light will alter how they look, not to mention how they pair with cabinet doors etc...just a thought :)

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