Thursday, January 03, 2013

    Smashy Smashy

    A little update montage..


    I'm posting these as we go on my facebook page, so feel free to join the conversation and add your 2¢ in realtime :)

    This is all our own work ATM.  AB is there every night after work, and I pop in during the day.
    Tradies are still a couple of weeks away.

    ( We have no asbestos, btw.. )


    Julie-Ann said...

    I love a good demolition. It is followed by a great creation. Looking forward to seeing the progress:)

    h&b said...

    Me too Julie-Ann!

    I can't beleive i've waited 7yrs for this!!

    B is building a house said...

    Bye bye old kitchen!!! :)

    Look forward to following your progress <3

    Adding you to my blogroll.


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