Saturday, December 29, 2012


    When I first moved to Melbourne as a 21yr old to begin my first job that didn't involve flattering middle-aged businesss men who should know better while serving them parmigianas and gins, I moved into a little flat with no fridge.

    I had a 2nd/3rd/4th/16th hand mattress i'd been 'gifted' at Uni, a Papasan chair that was a 21st gift, and some 2nd hand things from a relative that had just got married ( and therefore got new cutlery etc ).
    I didn't have much, but I loved my little flat.

    I went to work with middle-aged things from the burbs. I think I was a bit of an enigma, and maybe something to be pitied. I'm not sure. They were all having affairs and it was a very secretive place to work, but I only learned this later. Once I knew all their secrets, they finally accepted me as trustworthy, but the thing was, I realised it was better when I didn't know why they didn't seem to include me. Anyway.

    I got a flat within walking distance to work, and they could never work out why I didn't take the train or buy a car ( hello, 1. - the train took like 90mins, walking, around 40mins .. and 2. I had no money, I was fresh out of self-funded Uni, and wouldn't pay off my HECS debt for another 10yrs )
    Plus, I was living in a very old suburb, and I got to walk past picket fences, and old people tending their roses every morning. It really put a spring in my step, I loved it.
    When it rained though, my pants would be drenched from the knee down .. but still, I loved the walk.

    At least I gave them something to talk about. Or pity. Who knows.
    I guess in my new role as a 40+ suburban mum, maybe i'd pity and gossip about that girl too.
    Hopefully though, maybe i'd just be nice to her.
    And treat her less like an extra-terrestrial.

    Who the Freak can live without a fridge?

    Well, i'm here to tell you, that you can. You do. You just manage.
    As people do. As they always will.

    1. You don't drink milk in your coffee. If you've just come fresh out of Uni, you are used to an "artist's breakfast" anyway, and never, ever trust milk. It's always rancid, and you learn bitter is better. Until you can trust milk again ( for me, this took as long as the HECs debt )

    2. You buy daily. It may be more expensive, but then, it may be cheaper. Who knows? I suppose I could embark on a study, but really, I don't care. It won't make any difference to my life right now, or later, so it's a moot point for me. You buy a little bit of food, then you eat it, and it's gone.

    3. Again, i'm straight from Uni, so 2minute noodles is fine.
    I'm cooking for one, and the key is survival, not gourmet.


    So this time it's different, as i'm feeding a family of four, but i'm looking forward to the challenge.
    Maybe we'll all lose a few pounds - that would be a nice bonus :)


    As you can see, we seem to live on a diet of mayo & alcohol. Schweet! Call DOCs now!
    I took the door off the "freezer" bit when we put some icetrays in there, and despite moving them around for 2 days to better please the Gods, no ice was yeilded. It does however create nice frosty wine and tonic, so swings & roundabouts I say.

    I'd also like to not be judged on the Philly. I tried them as a cheese/paté subs, and .. no banana.
    Sorry Philly. You are however, uber convenient when I am uber hungry, so kudos to that.

    So, 6 months with a bar-fridge. I'm not worried at all.
    I'm actually a little excited.



    Melody said...


    When my sister and I flatted together in Malvern, after I finished High School and went to uni, we too lived without a fridge. People wondered how we did it. We lived fridge-less for about two years until one day mum bought us a bar fridge. We lived day to day, buying long-life milk but I was never a coffee/tea drinker so didn't fuss me. I loved yoghurt so would buy a single tub and down it in one go. Why not?

    I love this post. Brought back some memories. =)

    RosieRose said...

    I just PMSL when I read your post a comment blurb and totally forgot was I was going to write.....
    Mmm that's it....
    I remember going on a holiday with us 4 kids, mum and dad and the Kingswood for 3 mths and we lived out of a car fridge half filled with ice blocks, it was the best adventure ever. The more adventure in a grown up life the better I say...

    Julie-Ann said...

    Oh no you are very brave. I am moving into an apartment and wondering can I survive without a separate full size freezer. I have decided's impossible. A bar fridge is just plain crazy lol.

    h&b said...

    ha ha Rosie - i'm glad you like my comment blurb .. it makes me smile too :D

    I agree, a little adventure can be lacking as an adult, so i'm relishing the change!

    Julie-Ann - a bit different where you are going I think!! I would want a massive fridge/freezer there too :) x

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