Thursday, December 30, 2010


    So the 365 died.
    Should have known. It's indulgent. I don't have time for indulgent.


    Merry Christmas to anyone still lurking around, hoping for a crumb of .. anything.. :)

    These are but only a few of a fantastic horsie session I did the other night. I love photographing girls with their ponies, but it's only happened to me twice now. Please, if you know of a girl ( or guy! )with a horse that would love some beautiful keepsakes, get them to call me. I love horses. And teens are pretty cool too.




    I also love this song:


    Stacey said...

    I see you've poked the dying old dog with a stick to see if there's a bit of life left in it. I say yes. Keep it ticking along for a bit longer.
    I shall have to share my horsey photos with you. They are tres classy. Okay, not.
    Yours are beautiful. Clever you.

    Fairlie said...

    Reading this, I keep hearing Hyacinth Bucket's voice..."and room for a pony".

    Great pics. I shall be forwarding your details to a couple of horsey families I know!

    h&b said...

    Stacey - lets get you back on the horse and change history. I can see you know, in your mini Gymkhana gear, jodphurs and cap. Cute.

    Fairlie, it's "Bouquet" .. and thanks for the forward .. I appreciate it! :D

    HNY Girls!

    Michelle said...

    Happy New Year to you too! Love the photo shoot - I am not a fan of Ponies up close but these shots are stunning!!

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