Sunday, August 15, 2010

    New Studio

    Remember my new reception room?

    Now i've got the matching studio in the room right next door:

    Up on the Wall

    Beautiful huh?

    It's a gorgeous space, and again, like the reception room, saying goodbye to yellow walls with red & gold trims was not hard.

    Oh, and to celebrate, I released a limited number of studio sessions at half-price: yes I did!

    There's only 5 spots left, and more info and pics can be found over here.



    phoeberae said...

    love love the reception. You have an eye for space and colour, if you get sick of photography interior design could be your gig and I'll be the first client. Your photos WOW! We did the obligatory $12 family photo fundraiser through kinder on Friday... OMG. Sweet and still capturing a moment of our fam. But wow, like an instant coffee at Nanna's house compared to a rich fresh ground espresso drunk on the balcony in southern france when compared to the likes of you and Suze. Where do you get your canvas' done? Suze has gone back to Canada but we would love some more prints done. Most places are online so I'm sure she could liase with them and send digital files etc. on the net.

    h&b said...

    You are so funny Phoebe, you crack me up with your enthusiasm :D

    I noticed Suze had gone back, as I spotted her in a group of Photographers, but I think they were in Ohio or Pittsburgh or somewhere - I absolutely adore those shots she did for you, lucky girl.

    Will email you about the rest!

    Fairlie said...

    What a fabulous studio! I bet you're going to just love working in there.

    Anonymous said...

    Gorgeous space! You must be very happy? Excited? Or too busy? ;-)

    Uli said...


    tiff(threeringcircus) said...

    It is a beautiful space and I am jealous. Way jealous. Green.
    Also, you need to come to rural NSW and offer those specials.

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