Sunday, August 29, 2010

    It's all the same, only the names will change ..

    Who doesn't love a bit of Bon Jovi, huh ?

    Well, that's too bad, perhaps you should leave.

    But I bet you've got your own bogan secrets, beneath your contemptuous sneer.


    International Day at school. Being a cowboy was the easy option, so naturally I took it. I told him he was an AMERICAN. Good enough.

    My blog coding went a bit bonkers, so I had to change everything.
    It will do for now. I like how my pics are now bigger, and you can tweet a post, or send it to Facebook, and stuff like that, share it around. Other stuff is a bit messy, but i'm time poor and so .. yeah.


    Missy Boo said...

    Absolutely adorable :)

    Stacey said...

    Too cute. He makes a gorgeous cowboy.

    Uli said...

    Love the pants!

    Quite the model you have there - very cute.

    Fe said...

    Awwww.. that's my boy!! xo

    Suse said...

    Is that a tea towel around his neck?!

    Julie-Ann said...

    How cute is he? Great photos:)

    h&b said...

    yes, it's a teatowel - do you have the same one Suse?

    Actually, it's a GOOD teatowel, so I bought a crap one which I cut up so it wasn't so bulky - worked well( this was a dress rehearsal to see if everything fitted him ;)

    And yes, he's quite the ham ..

    Anonymous said...

    Your boy is a fabulous ham. I remember one of the first things you ever wrote on my blog was that you could tell my kids were confident and mature by the way they looked directly into the camera lens - just like your boy is doing here.

    Fairlie said...

    A cowboy for international day is inspired. Just my kind of thinking.

    And doesn't he make one cute cowboy with a whole lot of 'tude?

    Christie said...

    and I'm WANTED (waaaannnt-edddd)

    dead or a-live....

    I live with a 5 year old fan, he's going to the concert in December, so I know ALL the words :-)

    Costume (& pics) look great

    Melody said...

    International Day at our school seriously is international. This outfit is awesome. Bet it was a hit.

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