Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Merry Merry!

    Well, I have been a bad blogger this year, a bad parent, a bad wife, a bad housekeep.

    But yet, you've stuck with me, even though i've ignored your comments ( I mean well you know - you should read .. hear .. see ?? .. the witty replies in my head .. before the water runs dry in the pot yet again and I serve up another lacklustre dinner ... and .. never get )

    What ?

    Oh yes.


    I'm not sure. I think I was talking about Christmas?

    So to you, my friends, my readers, those I have met, those I haven't, those I have purchased from, those I have photographed, those I am yet to meet in 2010..

    Have a Merry Happy Merry Merry.

    Whatever it is you celebrate, be it nice & be it good.
    Try not to be depressed by whatever the hell Auntie Betty bought you ( did she make it with her feet? ) and smile, breathe and focus on the kids' delight.

    For tomorrow, something will be broken, someone won't share, and there will be tears and you can't be wasting your grief on Aunt Betty.


    Most of all, I hope you enjoy a good spray of the hose ;)



    melissa said...

    merry christmas hun!

    hope 2010 beings good things to you. :D

    Mookah said...

    Thanks for allowing me to share your journey in 2009, you've given me a few good giggles this year.

    Hope you get to relax and enjoy the festivities surrounding the big fella tomorrow, hope he eats your biscuits and milk, remembers to leave you a special something under the tree and doesn't steal your knickers off the line while he's can't be too carfeul!

    Cheers, Leisa.

    M said...

    And a merry one to you too! (I can smell the ham glazing in the oven as I type. Swoon.)

    Fairlie said...

    Merry Christmas H&B.

    Sunny Road said...

    Glad to know I'm not the only one!

    Merry Merry to you too and to your boys


    Elizabeth said...

    I think I have been a worse blogger this year.

    Merry Christmas, H&B!
    Best wishes to you and your family.

    Fe said...

    Dear Leanne,

    Tonnes of love and Happy Happy wishes to you and your boys!!

    Love, Fe and her boys . xoxoxoxox

    Mary said...

    Merry Christmas L. And a really wonderful 2010.


    Uli said...

    Merry Christmas!

    peppermintpatcher said...

    If I were close enough I would spray you with the hose! Merry Christmas to all in your household.

    MissyBoo said...

    Belated Merry Merry to you :)

    Since we know why you've been a bad blogger - using your creative skills elsewhere and all - and you are doing great things, you're forgiven!

    Have a fabulous 2010 xoxo

    Meggie said...

    So, I guess you are saying EFF Aunty Betty? I say, why not?? Life is too short to cringe before the Aunty Betties in our lives. Just bloody well enjoy every minute of what you can.
    Love & Hugs for 2010!!

    Cindy said...

    I hope you and your lovelies had a great day and all the best for the new year. So much change and excitement - it is going to be a good one

    Surfing Free said...

    Happy New Year to you to! Thanks for a year of good reading and fantastic photos. Looking forward to more of the same from you in 2010 :)

    Danielle said...

    Hi Leanne, thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment.

    The paint colour on the bedroom wall is Woolooware by Taubmans. It's probably a little darker than it shows in my photos but I love it and makes the room feel cosy.

    Wishing you a great year ahead.

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