Saturday, October 24, 2009

    A Little Bit Pee'd Off..

    So i've been waiting 7days for my new site - a site which my original auto-reply said would be ready within 24hrs.

    Tedious is the non-replies, the cheery auto-replies that promise to get right back to me, the belated yet apologetic 'oh-my-gosh-we'll-fix-that-right-up' email I trusted, but then 12 hours later, still no action, and now it's the weekend again.

    I promised a website this week and I did not deliver. The postie decided that instead of delivering my wee, wee letterbox-sized parcel, that he'd instead skip though for the weekend and now I can't collect it until after 4pm Monday.

    I also wanted to put up some client previews on my NEW blog - the one that's work-related, and not tying up this space and boring the socks off anyone who visits that's not interested in my photography.

    Sometimes the world conspires against you.
    I'm a bit peeved right now.

    This cheered me:

    It's our table 'centrepiece' for last night's meal: a bottle of water, and a torch shining into an amber cup courtesy of McDonalds & the 5yr old.

    It actually provided a nice ambiance.


    Uli said...

    Annoying on many levels.

    At least you have ambiance and wine.

    Melody said...


    Hope the week to come is more promising for you.

    Nice table setting MC.

    MissyBoo said...

    Grrr!!!! I feel your pain... hope the ambience and the wine helped ;)

    Anonymous said...

    My postie does that to me often. On days when I'm home all day with the door wide open I still get the little card to say they couldn't deliver my parcel and I have to pick it up myself. makes me wild.

    Hope everyone delivers on all of their promises smartly and you are not left hanging any longer!

    Fairlie said...

    I'm sharing your pain.

    There's always something.

    Aussie-waffler said...

    Yeurk to last week, last week was crud, but being an eternal optimist, I believe this week will be a zillion times better. And that centre piece looks super cool, I love the colours.

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