Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Hey, i'm Alive!

    You might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.
    A few virtual kicks-up-the-arse lately have made me aware I need to update.

    Although I must say i'm full-pelt on the tweet.
    And i've taken up online Scrabble.

    Priorities, priorities..


    But mainly i've been working, working, working. All exciting stuff, but i've always been one of those cautious types that never announces the pregnancy until past 12weeks ( no, i'm not pregnant ), and the prospect of stuff until everything is signed, sealed, delivered & done.

    So i'm building, forging.
    Pretty boring for anyone else besides me really.

    And I spent 10 days of my blog-absence solo-parenting while AB flew around the globe. Yay.
    Because I had the car ( oh, but it were nice! ) I decided to make for the lack of the paternal by doing all the things we normally can't in our usual existance without a motor vehicle.
    So we went to playcentres, the museum, had a sleepover at Grandmas, took an emergency trip to the hospital on a public holiday..


    Oh yeah, the DangerBaby tried to amputate a finger on a dull-edged chair like 2days after the his father left. NO IDEA how he managed it, and I was even watching him at the time. Man, it was nasty .. but we're all healed now, and no stitches. Guh!

    And to give you an idea how distracted i've been ..
    The toilies in the kid's section of the Melbourne Museum are unisex. I needed to go.
    I guess I thought I was at home? and didn't bolt the door to say 'Occupied'. I still swear I did, but evidence suggests otherwise... So i'm having a wee, and a BLOKE walks in. A Dad type. We both go 'Yargh!'. He retreats and closes the door, and thankfully, I don't run into him again ( my theory is I scared him so much he left )
    God, how embarrassment!!

    Melb Museum

    In a 'Dream Box'

    So anyway, i've been finding it's much easier when you're working flat chat to be able to take 5secs to tweet than it is to compile a blog-post. Or i'm lazy. Same/same.

    And all my own photos are lying around in folders unlooked at while I work on those for others.

    But i'm getting there..


    Uli said...

    That toilet story is pretty damn embarrassing, but at least you didn't run into the guy again.

    Christie said...

    pleaes don't stay away so long, we missed ya!

    glad dangerchild's finger is A'OK


    Kirsty said...

    Glad you've updated the blog ... I'd certainly missed the toilet info on tweet.

    I'm not good at public toilets for exactly that reason.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Toilet embarrassments are the WORST. I hate going to toilets at parties for this reason, unless the household has a locking door. Otherwise I have to work out how to wee with either a foot wedged in the door or a hand holding the doorhandle. Awkward.

    Leisl said...

    Welcome back honey, we missed you!

    Fairlie said...

    Oh yay! Words AND pictures. Thanks for satisfying the old-fashioned blogger in me.

    I'm trying to imagine the position Stomper gets into to wee at a party...perhaps she should add contortion classes to her repetoire.

    M+B said...

    Welcome back

    Gina said...

    Oh my. They've installed the unisex toilets in an airport in a big city here (I want to say Dallas?). This is EXACTLY what I thought might happen to me. I'm sorry. Gave you both a story though! I'm so sorry about the hospital incident -- that's quite an ordeal. So glad little guy is healed. I noticed Rip Squeak on your side bar -- the illustrator, Julia, is Rob's aunt. She lives in Monterrey, Ca. Small world.

    Tracey Petersen said...

    OOOH Stomper - I use the wedge-foot position for privacy too, although with your dancing skills I'm sure that your extension is much more impressive than mine.

    LOVE the first photo - using a fish eye?

    meggie said...

    I know all about semi detached fingers, AMHIK!
    I am glad all was well that ended well- and that you had the car, to deal with same.
    Always try to remember, private weeing is a luxury NEVER to be taken for granted!!
    Missed you.

    h&b said...

    Thanks all :)

    Tracey - my new wide angle. Cost a bomb, but vital for R/E work. Love it.

    Gina - OMG! AB was in Monterey on his last day and couldn't resist the books - he bought back 4! One of them is autographed by Rob's aunt - how bizarre is that !! :)

    Melody said...

    Gee, 'bout time you put up a new post. (And I can talk - not!)

    Nice photo of Boy#2 - cool lens.

    Hey, like the new widget thingy; might steal that myself.

    h&b said...

    New Widget = way cool, I know! :)

    Alby Mangroves said...

    Seriously, I've lost interest in Twitter, Faceborg, and any other bloody thing where you have to update the crap out of it every 5 seconds or you get participation GUILT. NO MORE! And anyway, I still can't load Scrabble BUGGER IT ALL TO HELL.

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