Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    Variety Hour

    Ahh - year's end. Mayhem, frivolity, stress.

    We've been involved in much the same sort of stuff as everyone else - putting up the tree, end-of-year concerts, breakups, gift buying, photos with Santa...

    So funny - we choofed off to IKEA the other day as we had an errand to run in Collingwood anyway. As we pulled up, a fairy ( as in the magical kind with a wand ) alit from her motor vehicle and enquired if we were here for the festivities ? ( err ? )

    Of course we told the boy we planned it this way, as a surprise, nice parents that we are.
    At every turn there was something else - facepainting, tattoos, balloon shaping, fairy floss .. etc, etc etc - and all for free. Love you IKEA.


    He loves that t-shirt. Wears it all the time. Daggy.

    Kindy Concert:


    That's my boy in the centre - I blanked out his t-shirt name and the centre, in case you're wondering.

    I teared my way through the whole programme EXCEPT when my son was on, because I was so intent on making eye contact, taking a pic, waving. Poor thing. He squinty-frowned through the whole thing as he tried to see us in the crowd. His face said 'those damn lying parentals dumped me, they're not here at all!'

    It's his last day next week. I love this place and his teachers so much, I am going to miss them a LOT. We've made them each little gift bags with chocs and Mr.Men toiletries ( cute/amusing containers with garish contents I wouldn't put anywhere near my body - but hey.. ) and Reindeer Dust.

    Reindeer Dust ( thanks Tiel ! ) :

    Reindeer Dust

    I have been hanging out to make these since I saw them on tsk.tsk last year, a little too late.
    We now have a big bowl of them for teachers, friends, and visitors, each individually signed by the bagger ( MC )

    And here's our free Santa pic, taken at our local street festival recently.

    Look, I know it was free, but they also paid for a Professional Photographer, who only had to set up in the ONE spot on a tripod, and probably didn't even have to adjust settings for lighting all day. So then why is the pic off-centre, the chair chopped off, and my son's hand blurry ? I'd approach them for the piss-easy job next year, but I don't think they like me after harrassing them for the pic for the last two weeks ( when it was apparently sent out ). It arrived today, after another email from me yesterday. Ohhhhhh - *that* lady .. no, I don't think so !

    IMAGE0004 copy

    This is the next project: the *other* side of the house.

    138 copy

    AB finished painting most of the shed ( was an 80's Peach - bleah ! ) until the can ran out. Same as our fenceline: Dulux's "Ticking", if anyone's interested. I luff it, and it sets off the Jacaranda, which is having it's first good year after much nursing from me over the last 2years.

    So here, we will be ripping up all those bricks, using any that are clinker, and dumping those foul orange ones, more retaining walls for garden, and AB is going to have a go at building *another* small deck, which will come off the lounge, for outdoor dining. Smash out the windows right next to me as I type and install French doors. A meandering path from the drive to the backyard...
    Should be nice. No rush though, just as it comes.

    I think that's enough for one post, yeah ?


    tiel said...

    I didn't do reindeer dust this year. Oh, I've lost all my Christmas zing. I have been given some by school and kindy friends so we will still sprinkle away. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Anonymous said...

    That was five posts in one!

    The santa photo is a bit dodgy, so maybe the price was right...

    Frogdancer said...

    Oooo, french doors....
    One day I'm getting me some of them.

    Gorgeous kindy shot. Next year you won't know yourself when you have the whole day to yourself. It's magic.

    (MY baby had his Orientation Day at the secondary school yesterday. I stood at the back of the hall and looked at the back of his head and his tiny scrawny shoulders and almost got teary. I would have, except I was about to take charge of 25 of them for their first high school class, so I had to get a grip.)

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I'm well impressed that you not only found parking in Victoria Gardens at this time of year, but ventured into IKEA. You're a braver woman than I! Love the idea of the magic reindeer dust. I think we might have to make some of that - the smalls love glitter!

    h&b said...

    FD: oh, he's got another year of kinder yet ( this was 3yr old kinder - i've held him back a year ) .. but next year we will be at a different place ( cheaper ). I want to continue here !!

    Hoppo - there was HEAPS more parking than usual, it was fab ( although it was a Friday at 3pm, so I suppose everyone else was at their dayjobs ? )

    Aunty Evil said...

    I'm exhausted after that post, very informative! (am I supposed to be commenting?)

    Anyway, as one who is again taking Santa photos at a shopping centre this year, I can tell ya, it aint rocket science!

    Your kids appear to be sitting nicely and not screaming blue murder, so really, how hard would it have been to take a bit of pride in your work and get a nice shot?

    Free you say? You paid too much...

    The kids still look cute tho!

    Stomper Girl said...

    You are very organised with kinder presents, I'm still working on ours. Your boy looks so sweet in the photo. I wish our kinder did a concert.

    muser said...

    o0o Reindeer dust. great idea. I baked gingerbread cookies - F did the mixing - and iced them, for his pre-school teachers. Not terribly original though, as they were all handed lovely bags full of same by another mother today. :|
    Perhaps I'll include our leftover Moo cards to differentiate.

    Love that big Santa in your IKEA!!

    h&b said...

    Stomper - I don't think we'll get a concert next year in *public* kinder. This was a private centre, so I think they need to differentiate to account for the fees. Awfully cute though - I wish we could afford to stay..

    Muser - Big Santa was a riot - I think their 'resident funny worker guy' got the gig - so much nicer than the dour old men you more often encounter.
    Yeah, chuck in the MOO cards - you show that other mother who's boss !

    M+B said...

    I've been lurking since Melody paid you a visit!

    Your (and Tiel's) Reindeer Dust has inspired me for those hard to buy for people... Thank you!

    We live 2 mins from our IKEA maybe we'll head over there tomorrow and check for festivities before our daycare concert!

    meggie said...

    Wow great post! so much, & all of it good.

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