Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Bag Lady

    M tagged me for a handbag meme - the unadulterated contents. Ooh err.

    However, like M - I have a few rotational handbags, so none of them are laden with long-lost junk. Plus, anyone who has been reading here long enough with know I *loathe* crap, and my favourite day is 'rubbish collection day', where I routinely find new crap to throw out .. so receipts and wrappers are dealt with on a weekly basis.

    Gee, I wish my house was as clean as the above statement makes it sound :(

    So on with the show:


    This is my latest bag, and I *luff* it. AB brought it back from me from Noo York, and it can fit 2x DSLR cameras, a tripod, some lenses, and still have room for a nappy and a kid-snack. All without looking 'functional' ( yerk! ) or bulky, or ugly, or worse.

    When I was a corporate slave, my handbags measured no bigger than 5x10cm. About the same size as an evening bag - enough room for a credit card, some notes and change, a stick of gum, and a slimline mobile phone. I was very proud of my minimalism.

    So this is my bag as of this morning ( note: there is no money or phone due to the fact I now own a wallet ( I used to just keep all my money loose in the bottom of my bags ), and this is in the bottom of the pram, from a walk to the park yesterday. )

    - Qantas Snack Bag -
    I love these - they are perfect to pack a couple of clean nappies in.

    - 3x receipts - Bunnings, Coles Express ( petrol ), and McDonalds. Sorry, but i love McDonalds.
    - 2x rocks ( from down the side - for colour and size sampling )
    - 2x pens
    - my MOO Cards
    - 10 cent coin
    - Camera memory card
    - Baby sunhat ( that the baby refuses to wear )
    - a Huggies Babywipe sample pack
    - eyeglass cleaning cloth
    - 2x travel packs of tissues, both opened
    - 1x model British Airways toy plane ( child distraction ploy )
    - 1x dummy ( pacifier for our US friends )
    - 1x muesli bar
    - 1x lipbalm
    - 1x lens cap
    - 1x child's sunglasses

    You can see my previous handbag dumps here and here.

    ( if you'd like to dump the contents of your handbag for me to pick through, i'd love to check it out - leave a comment and i'll come take a look.... i'm always up for a perv.)


    Stacey said...

    You did the small bag as a corporate slave? Wow. I had a huge one then. It had to be at least big enough to fit a spare pair of pantyhose as I was guaranteed to ladder mine at least once a week.
    Nice bag. Cool orange sunnies. I'm sure you look ace in them.

    Uli said...

    Your previous minimalism is quite amazing. As is the idea of not previously owning a wallet - did you always find money you forgot you had in bag linings?

    You have tempted me to post a list of the contents of my bag, so feel free to check that out. No minimalism on my end.

    M said...

    Rocks are a most excellent thing to keep in one's bag. I usually have a stick, a rock, or a half-eaten biscuit. Luckily, 'though I changed bags last Sunday and it was devoid of such things.

    Anonymous said...

    I've done it, but it is no where near as interesting as yours!

    shellyC said...

    might have a go - once i have cleaned some of the crap out!!

    What about starting one - the inside of the family car?? Now that woudl prompt me to clean that out.

    Aunty Evil said...

    I love this meme, and I usually hate em. I won't be doing my own, but I love sticky beaking into other people's!

    potty mouth mama said...

    I love your bag, and I love that your contents are so orderly. I need to take a leaf out of your book!

    Melody said...

    Oh you do have lots of goodies. I could do this but my bag is urrr, rather boring?

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