Saturday, December 20, 2008

    A Glimpse of my Future...

    Where do mothers of teen boys shop at ?

    Because I just made a catering-size batch of meatballs, and Daddy's not home yet, and my boys are wolfing them down
    ( with some help from me ( yum ).

    One of said boys only has 2 teeth.



    Anonymous said...

    My boy would happily live on tinned tuna and tinned corn on a tortilla. He can eat several of these in a day.

    I can imagine nothing more disgusting, but it is cheap and healthy protein.

    Frogdancer said...


    My sister is doing Christmas dinner and asked me to bring the ham. (She has two dainty girls.) I said, "Ok, I'll bring a huge one."

    When she asked why I said, "Because I'm bringing 4 adult appetites and only one child. The 3 oldest eat WAY more than I do, and only Evan still eats a smallish serving." She was aghast.

    They graze. Constantly. It's like I have a flock of sheep stationed outside the fridge and pantry.

    M said...

    My 8yo lives on pumpkin ravioli. Lots of it. Think breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea. Frogdancer's reality is in my future. Aaaaargh.

    Anonymous said...

    I know what your saying - i have 3 boys, we are now on school holidays & I just said to my husband, i have to shop - they have already eaten everything! Siobhan

    Stacey said...

    It looks like I'll be seeing you down at Campbells Cash & Carry or somewhere else that has giant sized trolleys in a few years time.
    The boys come home from school starving and just eat continually until they go to bed.
    They remind me of the cartoon version of the Tasmanian Devil, they just go through the fridge like whirlwinds.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Wait until they start eating mini pizzas between slices of bread (3 in an afternoon) after the bowl of 6 weetbix with CHOCOLATE milk.

    Jane said...

    Poor you, it's starting early! I have to hide the stuff for playlunch or my 15yo boy eats 3 apples and 3 muesli bars when he gets home from school!

    Christie said...

    Best of luck with that.....!!!

    Mind you it is the girl child at out house that eats more than her big brother & will go for 2nds!

    Natalie said...

    I followed Frogdancer over here... Hello!
    Could not resist a post about feeding boys... I have 3! Your observations and phrasing are funny.

    Trish said...

    Very funny.
    My 15 yr old is a bottomless pit - eats three bowls cereal, or tinned spaghetti or bread and BBQ sauce for an afternoon snack and after dinner too eats more too.
    His 2 yr old twin brothers are following closely in his footsteps ...well on meat,fruit and snacks.
    The vegetables are still safe except one little one loves Broccoli.

    We have to lock the good stuff (chocolate,chips ,softdrink, savory & sweet biscuits)in a cupboard or he scoffs the lot.

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