Sunday, November 09, 2008

    Thankyou !

    for all your kind words and support. I was a bit hesitant to say anything, as I really am just learning, and I also have a few photog-type-people who read here... I was scared of their mocking jeers :)

    The thing is, if you hang around the blogisphere, you might come to think that everyone's an expert - the bar is set awfully high. And that's true.


    There are a lot of people out there that still chop off heads, don't own cameras etc.
    No blog, no flickr, no interest, no time, no inclination.

    Or those people that *can* take a lovely pic, but aren't so good on the auto-timer, so have no pics of *them* in the photo, with their family. Or who just want someone else to bully them around and tell them how to stand, to move their arm, and lift their chin a little.

    And no, I can't share photos here ( as much as i'd like to ) .. but maybe in future, on another blog i'm working on, and with model releases signed. Probably the actors - ha ha ... after all, they want to be seen, don't they ?
    Perhaps a casting agent reads the blog .. ? ;)

    But I do like this pic - believe it or not, it was a quick snap before Swimming Lessons ( going well, BTW .. the 4th lesson *was* the one, as predicted by the staff .. before that, it was pretty horrific, and the 3rd lesson was literally a kicking-and-screaming-from-the-car scene. We were so happy with the meek little boy who turned up with a smile and a cheery hello for the teacher on Friday, and jumped into a hoop in the DEEP END, we actually went out and celebrated with a Wego ( Lego ) reward - it wasn't a bribe beforehand either, but we were so proud, we felt it was an occasion worth celebrating ).

    Anyway, the pic .. it was just a 'practice' snap before doing some daddy-&-son shots for somebody else on the Saturday.
    If i'd known it would work so well, I would have dumped that goddamn dummy beforehand.
    oh well.

    Father & Son


    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    Oh how I wish I could take a "quick snap" like that. That's the thousand word picture - just stunning.

    Melody said...

    Oh H&B you are getting good! What a lovely shot of AB and the littlest one.

    Can't wait to meet yo in person so you can really fill me in on who, what, where, why! *heehee*

    Stomper Girl said...

    Gorgeous, even with a dummy. And well done to the swimmer-boy too.

    surfingfree said...

    That's just beautiful - dummy and all! :)

    Anonymous said...

    Beautiful work - really lovely.

    M said...

    Fabulous photography H&B, just great. Like others have said, I'd love to take "snaps" like that! I'm so terrible with moving targets - better with still life (they do as they're told).

    Move on with your dream. You'll be great.

    h&b said...

    Just thought I should point out:

    Although it was 'just a snap', a fair bit of post-processing went into this :p

    thanks again ! :)

    Christie said...


    Blue Mountains Mary said...

    You know already how much I love that photo!

    Louise said...

    Wow that's lovely!!

    Karen said...

    Excellent news on the swimming, glad to hear it has calmed down - for all your sakes!
    Hope the pics at the father-son session turn out as well as your practice snap - gorgeous.

    dottycookie said...

    What a lovely, lovely photo.

    pretty essential said...

    Gorgeous photo!

    And well done on starting the career you want for yourself. (Don't listen to anyone who doesn't actually 'do' anything themselves, I say!!)

    meggie said...

    That photo is priceless. So lovely to have. So many occasions are missed, & we forget the beauty as we age.
    Good luck with your new ventures!

    shelly said...

    Fabulous - I wish you all the very best - not that you look like you need it

    Guera said...

    That is a beautiful photo. Well done you for going for it (the career bit)! Inspirational.

    Laura Jane said...

    Great shot - but i agree - I would Definitely have ditched the dummy.

    And great news on the swimming front - as a former swimming teacher I do understand, it seems we had to be cruel to be kind, but it did involve weeks/sessions of misery, screaming and shivering in utter despair, before they started getting brave enough to enjoy themselves, because, after all, water really is fun.

    As a kid I didn't voluntarily put my own head under water until I was eight. I was a anxious crying little collywobble on the side of the pool while my younger sister(s) porpoised around showing off how much fun she was having. Then one day an even younger sister(!) got tough with me and held my head under the water, I remember stopping struggling, holding my breath and opening my eyes, and being fascinated by the view of the surface from underneath. I was right as rain after that.

    Gatsby said...

    Very impressive!

    jorth said...

    That's such a beautiful photo - well done you on everything concerned with your new venture. You've got a great eye, and I think you'll do rather well!

    Aunty Evil said...

    There is a lovely mood in that photo, what a great photo to have!

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