Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    Lizard Drinking

    So I mentioned lightly to a few people what I might like to be doing after a few years, when the kids go to school and I have to go back to 'work'. I mentioned the learning curve ahead of me, and the fact the next two years would be simply dedicated to self-improvement.

    That was only in October, and it was like I opened a floodgate of interest .. I was overwhelmed... amazed .. and frantically, desperately trying to do my best work for people, all in the while comparing myself to others I admire, and being heavy on the self-critique.

    I'm exhausted, satisifed, and learning on my feet. I'm doing courses, devouring books, and trying to be the me in 2yrs time NOW. I'm impatient, but i'm a stubborn little bull.

    So, in October, a mere 4 weeks, I managed to squeeze in:
    - 2 product shoots
    - a maternity session
    - a beach session for a lady and her baby
    - 2 lots of acting headshots
    - a baby session
    - the Canon Comp ( bah! - some of the finalists - gah! )
    - and 2 lots of retouching work on photos that weren't mine

    and this weekend I have a newborn session.
    and possibly designing an album cover ? Or a gig poster ?.. - not sure, and maybe not .. although i'm totally keen on that one if it eventuates.

    All the while learning how to use a new camera ( different make, settings in different spots than i'm used to ), and trying to look Professional while scrabbling with dials and praying i'm not ballsing things up badly. Oh, and managing kids, who often have to come with.

    Luckily, being upfront about my limitations, people have been very kind and generous with their feedback, which is nice.

    I just appreciate the opportunity.

    Oh, and i've been knitting.
    And thinking about the Christmas tree
    And starting things
    And wanting to start other new things before finishing the previous new things

    And the house is messy
    Because the crawler clings to my ankles sobbing whenever I rev up the vacuum cleaner
    But I did manage to clean, and even *mop* this week.
    And the house was clean
    For maybe a hour
    And the Gods did smile
    And it was good.


    Tina O'D said...

    OMG if you managed to fit that all in to 4 weeks, imagine what you'll have to say in the blog in 2 years!!!!!! Your work is great. You should be very proud. I feel positively lazy now. Off to the park for a picnic. Don't forget to back a winner. See you tommorrow.


    Suse said...

    You're amazing and I'm very proud of you. (Am I allowed to say that?)

    Melody said...

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    No wonder you haven't been around to visit!! I've missed your regular postings but you do have to have your priorities straight (and surely you do!)

    Well done on everything! Album covers? Tour posters - oh my. Photo shoots? New camera? - double oh my.

    Good for you.

    *Melody pats you on the back*

    (Hope you've had time to sit down and enjoy a sip!)

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, sounds completely fab! Are you allowed to show us some of the results??

    janet said...

    far out! you'll go far I'm sure.

    M said...

    Well you have been a frantic litle bee! Good on you, it all sounds fabulous.

    Stomper Girl said...

    The main thing is that you are doing what you want to do. This makes a big difference when you have to run yourself ragged like that. Yay for having a dream and following it.

    Violet & Rose said...

    You go girlfriend!
    I might like some photos next year. Should I book you now?

    Anonymous said...

    All that photography and a photo-less post! What is going on there?

    I need details on the new camera - you know they are one of my obsessions.

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    Crikey ... I bow down to your better motivation/organisation! That's a lot of stuff to do in 4 weeks. Good on you!

    Alby Mangroves said...

    You are a better woman than me. I'm considering hiring a cleaner. Possibly one that can cook and look after the kids, so that maybe one day when I've bloody had enough, no one will notice I'm gone.

    Damselfly said...

    That's great you are in such high demand! You are such an artist.

    melissa said...

    Brilliant - good on you for putting yourself out there and giving it a go.

    I am too scared! lol

    Christie said...

    So exciting!!!

    It is fantastic that you are doing something that you love & learning too even if it is a scarey new adventure

    what is the new camerea like?

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