Saturday, November 15, 2008

    My Husband Makes Too Much Money

    How else can you explain what I have coveted for ages, and now has been ordered for 'under-the-tree-goodness' for my secondborn ?

    I'm validifying it thusly:
    - we are supporting a friend's business ( from whence this was bought )
    - the 4yr old would still love it ( and will probably fight for it )
    - everything else the secondborn has is 2ndhand, and he 'needs' nothing.
    - the firstborn is getting a twampoween
    - I don't really spend money, so when I do, it's gotta be worth it.

    In other news: our 5th swimming lesson:
    The one in which Mr Scream-n-Cry-n-Bite is now OVER-confident, and when the teacher says 'who's next?' ( to jump into the deep end and DROWN ), my boy is like "meeeeeeeeeeeeeee", and the Mr. and I am left to look at each other agog. WTF ?

    We actually had to reprimand him as he tried to interrupt another's tuition ( only 3 in the group - it's ace .. i'm glad those nasty twin boys left ) with all of this "excuse me, but look at me, I can do this {demonstrating }" bizzo as he showed off to the teacher.

    And speaking of eager to please .. we walked up to the Primary School Fete last night .. it's where we want to go, so we thought we'd suss it out/support the place.
    Not a lot for a 4yr old to do ( it was pretty basic: cake stall, sausage sizzle, local traders with a few tables ), BUT, they did hire some Sporticus-type-chap to take interested kids through fitness exercises. The 4yr old was keen, but most of the boys ( no girls ? ) were hormone-induced 12yr olds on a growth spurt.
    No littlies.

    But I could feel the surge in his little body, so sent him in ( to be killed ? ), and he jumped those hurdles, ran the obstacle course, and damn showed dem big-boys. I was so proud.
    You could see no-one wanted him on their team in the relays, but man, he out-ran some of those too-cool slackers .. he just didn't .. quite know .. when it was his turn .. or when to stop running .. laps, I tell you .. LAPS .. he worked for his team 10-fold. Most Valuable Player, I swear.

    We've enrolled him in Aus-Kick next year.
    No wonder I got myself a diary.

    Finally, i've entered the 'life-changing' part of child-bearing/rearing, which I didn't experience with the one/until now. We've got dates to remember, things to do, places to be, and they aren't entirely of our own adult-agenda.
    It's a bit trippy actually .. I actually, for the first time, feel like a 'mother'. Never, *never* in my life have I had to had to wash my hair of an evening *because* I know I won't get time in the morning because I have to be somewhere early. I go out looking like 'ugh' and hoping not to run into people ( as a DINK, I simply would hide indoors if it was a weekend and I wanted to look like shite )

    Still, I can't say ' no sweeties, we can't have fresh bread today .. or see your friends .. or go to the library ... because Mummy isn't dolled up to her liking". I just have to suck it up.

    As much as it kills me to compromise.
    I never see anyone anyway, but still .. one likes to keep a certain level of presentable, and i'm not a good 'natural' look, as much as i'd like to be.

    Oh, and the promised bathroom before Xmas ?

    That's ok.
    I got plenty goin' ohn


    Frogdancer said...

    Which school? The one with the oval or the one without(much)?

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I wouldn't have even been doing too much justifying if I'd seen that palette a year ago. I love it; I want it. Sadly the smallest small is a bit old for such an ace gizmo now. And can a 40-year-old woman really justify using one as a chip-n-dip?

    M said...

    Aaaaargh school fetes. Now that I'm retired from that sort of caper I can't even be in the same room when one is being mentioned. They are fun 'though, when you're a guest (not an organiser).

    Good on you for buying something new for the second born.

    shelly said...

    ..that whole 2nd child thing especially the same sex as the husband was a 2nd he swore our No. 2 wouldn't always have seconds. Hard though to justify it sometimes!

    Anonymous said...

    I am at the other end of that life cycle. We have started to have our own calendar and the kids have to check with us what WE are doing on the weekends. Yet somehow now that we have time, it doesn't get any more exciting than a trip to the shops or the rubbish tip...

    Enjoy while you can!

    meggie said...

    Being almost past all cycles, I sit & wonder how I did it all.
    Sounds like it is all good though!

    Louise said...

    Yes, welcome to my world! Sometimes I honestly panic thinking I'm supposed to be picking someone up or something. So far I haven't left anyone behind! It gives me a whole new appreciation of my mother!

    Aunty Evil said...

    The title of this post is just ridiculous.

    There is no such thing as a husband who makes too much money!

    beck said...

    You are funny! see you again soon x

    Stacey said...

    Oh yeah, wait until you can't go somewhere you want to go on a weekend because the kids need to be somewhere.
    Or they both need to be somewhere at the same time.
    Auskick sucks. I've already planted the seeds of not going next season. Too cold, wet, muddy for my liking.

    Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

    I hear you on this! Little P all set to start school in late Jan 09.

    I'm consumed with anxiety regarding the playground being so close to a road, with a gate that is never locked and a very short fence!

    Stomper Girl said...

    You don't need to justify a sweet feeding plate for your bubsy. If you were indulging them with a twampoween EACH I might think AB was over-earning but not when you've bought a nice Christmas present for the little one. I felt the same about the Cherub actually, on the one hand he really didn't need anything, on the other hand it didn't seem fair that he got nothing of his own. He managed though, totally has the ownership of the Thomas the Tank paraphernalia these days.

    creative-type dad said...

    That's one fancy kids plate

    nutmeg said...

    Look what happens while I am away from the blog for a couple of weeks: you go and start a whole new career and spending some of your hard earned dough! Well done.

    And glad to hear the swimming lessons are going well.

    Also, once the kids start school - any delusions that you where in control of the schedule goes out the window - some days I am all but gritting my teeth and bearing it ;-)

    Victoria said...

    I know! Those kids appointments and schedules - it gets worse!! I slyly didn't sign my up for basketball this term and when they worked it out they (the kids) weren't to happy with me - but enough is enough!

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