Thursday, November 13, 2008

    The First Vote is the Deepest

    Because i'm lame like that, I usually *do* throw a vote into a series i'm watching and enjoying.

    I vote for: Shanina.


    She delivers.

    Every time.

    She knows how to turn her head, how to pout, how to use her body. She knows how to sell, and she sells it well. I love her. ( and if anyone wants to go all feminist revolution on me, and compare that to prostitution, well, sell it elsewhere sistah, i'm not buying your brand )

    The lanky schoolteacher is nice and all, but he lumbers around like a bear and seems rather green, albiet with potential.

    And Courtney, you anorexic wisp of smoke, even the judges use words like "tenacious" instead of "talented". Basically you've got the aunties of Australia voting for your skinny arse. You're sweet and girly, and yet too old for Dolly, which was your only calling. No hips, no arse, no tits, no face, no carry. I haven't liked your output once, not once. Take some acting classes.

    Go Shanina !


    Laura Jane said...

    I agree. She was a bit gullible and desperate with the Tom cheating issue, and I think she has major self-esteem/boundary issues, but she looks GREAT. Sassy, warm, versatile, exotic.

    Courtney looks like a sullen fish out of water. And is plain, plain, PLAIN.

    meggie said...

    Just saying hi. Don't watch. Don't vote.

    Fairlie said...

    I know this is going to sound unbelievable, being the fan of this type of show that I am...but I haven't watched this one. However, after reading your comments I think I might have to pick it up for the final straight!

    Julia said...

    After viewing all your impressive competition photos and handy works of late it takes Make Me a Supermodel for me to comment! Shameful. I agree - Shanina is hot, sassy and hungry for it. And she's got the X factor. Go girl!

    Louise said...

    Oh I so completely agree with you!!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm for Shanina too. I didn't realise she was only 17 til this week. That Tom needs a slap on the side of the head!

    h&b said...

    I felt sorry for Tom actually - poor little lovesick puppy he was .. and yes, they are *young* .. so I excuse them for their immaturity and silliness ;)

    Aunty Evil said...

    Seriously though, what's with the shapeless dresses? If I had figures like these girls do, I would be WORKING IT!

    Susan said...

    oh I agree I like Shanina too :)

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