Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Life. Death. Mortgages.

    The recent cemetery visit made quite an impact .. we've had some interesting conversations about burials and whether or not you can bury people in your backyard ( Bart Simsim do it ! ) .. I also blame recent adds for the new Will Ferrell movie "Step Brothers", where in the shorts, you can see him burying his stepbrother alive in the backyard.

    I think i've said it before, but I probably should censor more.

    So anyway, we placed a call to Grandma Snakeshoes recently ( my mum - earning the name during a game of backyard golf - my son was Tiger Woods, and she ended up being somebody called "Snakeshoes". We don't know where he pulled that one from, but geez we laughed ).

    So anyway, Snakeshoes:

    "Hewwo Grandma Wyn. Wot you doing?"
    ( typical telephono opening line )

    Turns out she'd been visiting her mother, my grandmother, in the country, the weekend before. We don't see her often, because it's a sleepover visit, and the last time I took the boy, the cigarette smoke just about killed me, and I love Grandma, she's great. She wore the best outfit to my wedding, and it turned out she picked it up from the Salvos. A bit eccentric .. ( we all are ) .. but I just can't pull the nightclub passive smoking anymore. I got the most massive headache and needed to detox badly afterwards.

    I do need to get there soon though - show off the smallest boy.

    So anyway ( I say that a lot, i've noticed ).. Grandma Wyn is rabbitting on .. oblivious to our boredom ( hi Mum ! ), and Master B thankfully interupts her monologue:

    "Is your mum dead ? In the ground? We do that - I see all the names of the dead people "

    So now i'm writing it, it doesn't seem so funny, but gee I laughed.


    This is new:

    It's a smile he's pretty proud of, I think - he's been flashing it for two days now. Gummy Glee.


    Recently, my man ( who I am a really big fan of at the moment - I can't list all the unselfish good things he's been doing lately ) took us out for a bite of lunch at a new local eaterie.

    On the walk home, we stopped to admire a real estate "for sale" sign affixed to a style of house we both admire ( of which there are many, mind you - we are house junkies ).

    So then, afterwards, he mentions we should look at it - if we sold our house and bought this one ( renovated, roomy, to our taste and style ), we would be mortgage free. I must admit I was tempted .. but my God ... i've just replaced my kaffir lime tree .. and a rosemary hedge .. and have been planting trees *in the ground* ( a sign of putting down roots, literally ).

    So we will go look at it, because we're pervs .. but no .. thankfully we're not moving again.

    Although .........


    muser said...

    I love love love this photo of your gorgeous youngest.

    I hope Grandma Snakeshoes had a good giggle, too.

    meggie said...

    Gorgeous Gummy Glee!

    It is surprising how odious 2nd hand cigarette smoke is!

    I love looking at houses, seeing how they have the inside arranged, etc.

    Melody said...

    How you make me smile - though, thank goodness, I do not have a gummy smile - not yet anyway!

    I always think that when mum and dad talk about if they ever moved on from where they are now - but you've planted all those trees!! We have the 2 (dead) pet dogs buried in your yard (they live on a huge property mind you - they aren't buried by the back door!)!! No, you can't move. (Them and you)

    Fairlie said...

    What a gorgeous gummy smile!

    Oh yes - go see the house. Nothing like a good house-perv. I did eight yesterday. With the IP in tow. In and out of the car. Undoing and doing up seatbelts each time. See, THAT should be an olympic event. (Along with the towel-folding!)

    Stacey said...

    Beautiful boy!!
    When my grandmother died (about two years ago) my boys went through a huge death phase.
    Youngest boy's opening comment to my Mum on hearing that her Mum had died "do you think she'll be a skeleton yet?"
    Mortgage free! Such a tantalising proposition! How's about sending through a linkey link so I can check it out too?

    M said...

    There are loads of houses for sale up here. More boards up in the local suburbs than I've seen for a long time. Great for a perve. I've been hinting to Fairlie but she's not taking the bait.

    Surfing Free said...

    Hee hee, that smile is infectious.

    And on the cusp of our renovations starting Hubby and I are also playing with the 'what if we just moved into a new house a little further out, we wouldn't have to live through the renovation' mind trap as well. I can't help looking at real estate pages just in case something spectacular comes up for sale.... but really, I WON'T do it.

    Alby Mangroves said...

    Take Snakeshoes, the grave-enthusiast and the Gummy One to your Gran's place ASAP and never mind the fags!!

    pretty essential said...

    Love that smile (& requisite drool)!

    I know a lot of people more attached to their garden than their house. But it can't hurt to look . . .

    jorth said...

    Sounds so tempting... mortgage free!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Definitely look. You could transplant the kaffir, surely.

    peppermintpatcher said...

    But there'd be all that packing and cleaning and replanting to do...

    Damselfly said...

    Your boys both really do have quite a sense of humor!

    I know what you mean about looking at houses. Sometimes you think about what life would be like in another house, and then you think about all the work you've poured into the one you have ... sigh ....

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