Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Not Drowning, Waving !!

    Long time, no blog ... I know!

    I've been pretty busy of late ... Spring gardening and planting .. bathroom planning .. the oven sounding like a chopper landing in my kitchen ( grr ), and a rather steep learning curve in hopefully making a little business for myself when both the boys are out of my all-day care.
    Plus some other stuff and other stuff on top of that too.

    My head has been whirling, and i'm one of those people that generally finds it hard to 'turn off' anyway, so I lay awake at night thinking, thinking, thinking, and listening to the man snoring, snoring, snoring ( grr ), and then the older boy has taken to awaking at 1am with bad dreams, and I have to kick the man awake as he doesn't hear it, and I am breastfeeding, and begin-again.

    It's not much, and a lot all at the same time. Average family life. Juggling.

    And definitely pretty boring reading.

    But I went to the cemetery the other day. A girlfriend was horrifed; "to take pictures?!" she asked, aghast .. but it was a lovely interesting calming place, and I look forward to visiting again and again. The older boy was fascinated, and wanted to know what all the headstones read and who the people were. Death is so ... unreal .. to a 4yr old.

    So that's me.
    Hopefully i'll be back on track soon ..


    bluemountainsmary said...

    So good to hear from you.

    Can't wait to hear what your plans are!

    I too was at a cemetery by the sea recently taking photos - it was peaceful as you say.

    Surfing Free said...

    Yes, cemeteries are nice places ... if you aren't required to stay! ;)

    Life sounds busy but exciting. Good luck setting up the business. And, are your boys going into daycare?

    Melody said...

    My sister took us to Brompton Rd cemetery in London - fascinating place and quite good to take some creepy photos... I recommend the St. Kilda cemetery on Dandenong Rd... I took heaps of photos there when doing a photography course many moons ago...

    Glad to hear that all is okay. Well, kinda okay. Life hey?

    KikiMiss said...

    Lately I've learnt that what I think is boring to read others really enjoy. Keep on posting through those "boring" times...we've missed you.

    Expand on the business then, you tease!!

    Christie said...

    yep, missed you

    can't wait to hear more about the business idea... I have been plotting something too, anything other than a) have another kid b) go back to working for 'the man'!

    Kirsty said...

    Exciting plans for you. Looking forward to hearing more too.

    shula said...

    I've always loved cemeteries.

    Stomper Girl said...

    *waves back*

    Cherub has recently grown out of the wake-up dream stage. I think it's kind of fascinating that their brains are processing their subconsciousness and it's too intense for them. Some of the dreams that made him wake were really innocuous and yet he was in such distress.

    Louise said...

    Well hi there! I LOVE your cemetery shots and think they are wonderful places to visit. How's the bathroom going? I have finally decided what I want and just need to find someone to do it! It's school hols now though and too many other things to think about. A business? Well I know about that too and ours is taking us far beyond what we expected so you never know!

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I love looking around cemetaries - especially at the old headstones. Its fascinating. Your pics are really striking.

    But I don't know about taking the small ones there. How will they get their heads around .... statements like "well here we are in the dead centre of town" (er ... maybe its just me who says inappropriate things like that).

    melissa said...

    Yay - you blogged!

    I am intrigued by your business ideas... i'm dreaming of one day haivng my own little business. One day, one day!

    Loved your cemetery photos.

    sue said...

    I think those cemetary photos are quite interesting. I used to love and go and read about the people that were buried there, especially when years ago people passed away at such a young age. It is nice to know what sort of people used to live in your town isnt it.

    Bird Bath said...

    cemeteries have an ethereal beauty. captured very well in your photos.
    I like to daydream of my own business ventures - curious to hear more of yours.

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