Saturday, September 20, 2008


    To the Fish n Chip Shop:

    I would like chiiiiiiiiiips, aaaaand some fiiiiiiishhhhh, and a dwink please.
    I live at one two Wiggly Rd

    ( amazingly, they humoured him for ages without hanging up - what gives ? )

    To Daddy:

    Hi Daddy!
    There's a big twampoween in the gawage ! With a net !

    Stupid planning-ahead type people that convinced me to shop ahead of time for Xmas bargains.
    F'n Santa parked his gift ahead of time in the garage, didn't he ?

    We did some work in there yesterday, and AB had to move the box, and unfortunately, he forgot to turn the label back to the wall.

    And because a post should always have a photo:
    My chanticleer pear tree starting blossom ( it's a bit of a late bloomer ):

    More of the Pear Tree


    Melody said...

    Oh you are making me laugh....

    Bloody Santa. What's he doing in your garage??

    Love the photo. Lovely.

    Cosy said...

    F'n Santa! That made me laugh!

    Does your fish & chip shop deliver? Mmm, fish & chips...

    Janet said...

    ha,soon you'll be able to delegate calling for takeaway...

    love that pear blossom, next winter, nest(freudian slip typo?) winter, I'm going to look for something with those pink tinged buds for the front yard... although maybe pears are too tempting

    Anonymous said...

    Cute!! And hilarious :D
    The pear tree photo is sublime. I love the crispness and high contrast.

    Bird Bath said...

    nice blossom.
    oh those trampolines are bit tough to disguise.

    Anonymous said...

    Santa put one of those trampoweens in our gawage last week too! Luckily ours is a no go zone full of boxes and junk and it's right down the back - fingers crossed it stays there till Xmas.
    Gorgeous photo!

    Stomper Girl said...

    The colours on your pear blossom are sublime.

    In our house, we have a present from Mum and Dad as well as the Santa deliveries... maybe you can justify along those lines?

    Beth said...

    I rang my local fish and chip shop and their 8 year old answered the phone as she sometimes does. I am not a fish eater so I asked her to run through what was good and what was not.
    "Not bad, not bad, not the best' was what she said. Priceless!
    That naughty Santa - I wish I would discover something delightful in the garage that Santa had left for me - like more diamonds, or shoes, or a hot little sports car. Fat chance.

    dancingmorgan mouse said...

    We built one of those netted tramps one Xmas. So I offer advice, don't drink & build!

    Anonymous said...

    gorgeous pic!!

    Christie said...

    #1 Soooooo funny! I hope the person on the other end of the line had a laugh too!

    #2 CRAP!

    ... our small boy LOVES to answer the phone, can't wait to see when he gets a tele-marketer!

    Fairlie said...

    I'm going to check my garage and see if Santa's left any surprises for me?

    Lovely pear blossom.

    meggie said...

    F'n Santa.
    I love that pear tree!!

    Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

    Funny funny boy! Made me laugh so much - thanks!

    My favorite tree BTW EVER! Love it cut in vases.

    velcro said...

    see that's what happens when kids learn to read.

    love the photo, blossom is beautiful

    emma said...

    Awesome photo!
    My 11 yr old son has just started to use the phone. We let him answer it between 6 & 8 pm so he can bait the telemarketers. It cracks him up (and us)

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