Thursday, September 04, 2008


    I've always had pretty wacky dreams that stick with me.
    I used to mull over them on the drive to work, then relay them for the interest ( ? ) of other workers in my area.

    Well, it was probably better than some of the phonecalls we got.

    Anyhoo, i've been offline battling being in a bad mood due to not getting much sleep, and conjunctivitis in the bigger boy, and perhaps a little in the smaller boy, and being stuck indoors because of it, and cleaning out my junk room to make way for the NEW BATHROOM ( yes, it's booked in ! ), and the onset of Spring always makes me antsy about how weedy the garden is, and how the pantry needs a scrub, and the linen press, and how i'd love to organise the garage, but we're financing the bathroom - so no.

    So yesterday, I had a serious chat with the older boy about how.mummy.needs.some.sleep - and he let me sleep in until 9am this morning.

    And i've started ( and abandoned ) a few blogs - about the boy's first ever football (AFL) game as spectators, and then coming back from Geelong to have a quick warm shower and head off to a blog-meet in Richmond ( apol's if I seemed a bit out-of-it ) with Stomps, Fairlie, M from Sydney, Suse, and Frogdancer. Frogdancer actually works at the High School my boys might be attending one day and knows half the people in my street as she used to live across the road. Bizarre.

    Other things: well, with the eye-goo level of contagiousness, and the cold weather, and me with a serious case of the BLAHS, the house soon depleted of food as I couldn't be arsed going to the shops. So I ended up getting a Coles Online delivery, and instead of ordering 4 apples for the fruitbowl, I ordered 4x 1.5kg BAGS of apples.

    I wondered where that $$ discrepancy was. Oops.

    So, being the half-arsed kind of person I am, I started googling for recipes where I didn't have to peel, slice, dice, puree, stew, or basically stuff around with. I found this:

    All my apples were Pink Ladys .. which technically aren't cooking apples. Being lazy, i didn't even peel them, and the blush red looked fabulous in the end result. Tasted fabulous too - we had it hot with cream and icecream on the first night, and it was equally as divine cold for breakfast the next day ( *ahem* )

    Added bonus: there is a lot of hands-on satisfaction if you have a child like me that lives to cook. He calls me "Chef" in the kitchen, as in "what's next, Chef ?", and "Yes Chef!". He wears his little Chef uniform at all times, and I have to also call him Chef. If I say his name, I get "I not MC, I Chef !". Yes, Sparticus.

    It makes cooking a bit of a pain, so I am always trying to think of recipes that involve him as much as possible.

    Speaking of recipes, thanks for all the links - I am yet to click on them all, but will let you know how I go and what works best for me, as it seems there's a lot of other people wanting the same thing. It's the Spring thing again I think - time to reinvent, to rejuvinate

    What else ?

    ah - my dream. The one involving a Willy-Wonka -like ride with The Who and Ringo Starr ( I don't even know what the Who look like ?!?? ), in order to see Macca-Pacca in real life. At one stage, the ride stopped ( no, we weren't on the Ninky-Nonk ), and we excitedly watched a car pull in with a trailer, with an obviously Macca-Pacca shaped form squirming under a drop canvas.
    It ended up being some fat guy dressed for a Mardi-Gras ( he looked a bit like David from Little Britain ), and I recall his jubblies being a little too jubblie ( hello, it's a dream, and i'm looking at the crotch of a fat guy wearing leathers .. freaking unreal )

    In fact, i'll just stop here to embarrass a real life friend whose workplace doesn't allow her to comment:
    I still remember your Gareth Sandwich.
    That is all.

    And it's ok for me to say that, as no-one else knows the story, the reader, or the guy in the sandwich.
    Man, that was a top dream - he was so the last guy you'd want in your sandwich.

    That is all.


    muser said...

    I've never laughed so hard. About the apples, and about the ..Night Garden references. Beats my dream of last night involving a guy who was playing a friendly game of soccer and spontaneous head removal. Weird.

    Louise said...

    It's any wonder I don't dream about the tombliboos - it's on high rotation here! I wish you good cheer and much sleep!

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I have one thing and one thing only to say to you ... makka pakka, akka wakka, ikka, akka, ooo.

    Cute sous chef, by the way.

    Christie said...

    are you sure you aren't taking drugs... hmmmmm....

    I went away for ONE day & came home to a 'ninky-nonk' in the house, apparently they sell them at Target... that doesn't have much to do with your story

    our small boy LOVES to cook too, which is good, because I don't

    hope you get some rest soon :-)

    bluemountainsmary said...

    You did have a truly bizarre dream.

    I so get the Spring thing. I am getting rid of so much stuff - like a demon - because as soon as the weather lifts a degree or two, I can't stand cosy, comfortable clutter.

    You should have been here today - three girlfriends left with bags and jewellery and perfume that should never have been bought in the first place!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Don't worry about blogging the football story, I already know all about that.

    Six kilos is a lot of pink lay-dees. No doctors needed at your house for a while, I reckon.

    I'm getting that antsy spring sort out all the crap in my life feeling too. Ikea should be warned to expect a visit from me any day now.

    Janet said...

    I'd love to ride in the ninky nonk, even in dreams... and how exciting about your new bathroom! can't wait to see what you do, so into perving at other peoples renos right now ;)

    we're going through a bit of a crumble phase at the moment - nice with apples. oh and thinking about baked apples too, stuffed with sutlanas breadcrumbs honey and walnuts. almost healthy.

    sleep well

    KikiMiss said...

    God, the first thing I started to think was "she's had way too many cold & flu tabs!"....Macca Pacca I'm told, is Miss A's 'secret code' at Kinder with her friends. It sure is infectious. Actually, I'd say you're on the right track to script a new episode for ITNG!!

    Grandma's apple cake recipe looks superb, I'm going to give it a run over the weekend. And I'll probably serve it for breakfast on Father's Day ;-)

    dottycookie said...

    Well, I'm having fun imagining Derek Jacobi attempting to narrate your new Night Garden story.

    Yes, Chef!

    Karen said...

    Who needs drugs with dreams like this anyway!
    Sounds like you were flying high - maybe in the Pinky Ponk...
    You gave me a good laugh with this post - I love the 4 bags of apples - I've done similar with Coles Online and ended up with 8 fruit in jelly cups - yuk!

    Damselfly said...

    That is so great you try to include MC in your cooking. He makes a great little chef.

    Fairlie said...

    Six kilos of apples?!? Wow.

    I love the idea that you call each other Chef when cooking - it's all very "Jamies Kitchen"!

    Great to see you on Saturday!

    Karen said...

    Just saw your comment on my blog - it was mostly songs from the new CD at Justine Clarke, just a few of the old one. My girls were disappointed she didn't sing the library or birthday songs.

    As for the crying child - well I don't think the hip and shoulder I gave to get her out of the photo would have hurt too much...

    Cherry Rockette said...

    ha aha ha .
    don't get me wrong, the yummy clothes get torn off and left in piles on the way to the bedroom within about 5secs of walking in the door. sadly not due to ravishing hubby, I cannot get into tracky dacks fast enough once i'm home! I just like to look pretty when actually leaving the confines of my house of dagginess.
    Priorities do change though. i don't want to turn into a crazy woman who won't leave the house without 7 layers of spack filler on her face and the 'right' pram to put the 2.5 in. chillin' with the homies and having fun is much better! (homies = home livin kiddies, not some crazy gang of housewives).
    thanks for the cmmt!

    Joke said...

    I have no earthly idea what you're talking about, but, just in case i was supposed to be, I fully support you in whatever it is you need support.


    M said...

    I guess someone's family may get a leetle sick of apples soon...

    Great to meet you last Sat! Must do that again when I'm next in the Great Southern City.

    meggie said...

    I think your weird dream tops my weird dreams by two!

    peppermintpatcher said...

    You know that the conjuncitvitis medication should not be snorted, right?

    Victoria said...

    Your large apple-order made me laugh! Although it would be a bit .. distressing? to have that many apples in the house.
    The photo is so rad!!
    My kids spotted the Night Garden toys in this weeks catalogues and went crazy over them! Strange show but they love it..
    Hmm, I wonder if I could order my grocieries online here? Or maybe that would just encorage my secret desire to be a hermit.
    p.s. Hope your having a good week with all the house and home stuff and everything.

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