Thursday, August 28, 2008

    Friends, Bloggers, Lend me your Links !

    Warning: this is a boring post
    ( oh yey, for I am the Queen of Thrilling .. not ! )

    I think I need someone to slap me around a bit.

    Ok - the background:

    I can cook. I don't need recipes. Every week I buy an array of veges and meats n things, and I just look in the fridge and can make something.

    While this is all well & good, I am bored with it, bored with myself, and as a result(?) now lack any passion, appetite, or interest in the kitchen. I could easily eat some cheese and crackers each night and be pleased with how clean the kitchen is.

    But while that's ok for me, or a single gal, or even a young gal .. i'm supposed to be responsible these days, and provide for a family. And fool my husband into thinking I do something all day besides muck around taking/editing pics and blogging.

    I need a kick up the arse.

    What I want ( and this is where you come in, dear internets ) is:

    An Australian website/blogger ( because of the whole metric/seasonal thing )
    Who posts a weekly shopping list, printable
    And tells me what to cook. Each night
    Budget is important, as is seasonal ingredients ( hand in hand )
    As is time ( I am NOT giving up my 1-hour-from-prep-to-table mantra .. mostly .. )
    Kids not so much, as I can adapt a hot, hot curry for little mouths if need be, and I don't want to get stuck in some '1001 Ways with Mince' timewarp

    Can you help me ?
    I think the most important thing is the SHOPPING LIST.
    I am SICK of my ingredients and knowledge of 'what works well together'. I want someone to be brutal and MAKE me buy/try something new. I want to be GIVEN my shopping list, not just buy the same things I always buy.

    Basically, I want someone to do my thinking for me.
    So I can have time to do the things I really want to do, yet still remain married.

    And i'd rather not buy a magazine to do it, as I don't want to forage through ads.



    Kirsty said...

    Oooh - let us know when you find it! I need a shove too.

    Muzbot said...

    Can I suggest you just eat out? :)

    joanne said...

    oooohhh i love mince...thats all i have for you sister!

    muser said...


    You could try this one.

    No shopping list there though.

    You could also try this other blog post in particular.

    Every now and then she posts another menu plan with shopping list.

    I just started getting Fruit and Veg delivered and if I get a small mystery box alon giwht normal stuff, it makes me think outside the square to cook with stuff I wouldn't normally buy.

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    I like the Planning With Kids blog for a meal planner and weekly shopping list. Planning Queen is awesome!

    dottycookie said...

    You are getting some good links that I will be checking out as well. I do make a shopping list but as I am in the UK, that's no help to you!

    I did read of a book that did exactly that ... but can I remember what/where? Nope. It's the evil internet eating my brain, I tell you.

    Christie said...

    Shall I send over my personal chef?

    No wait, then I will have to shop & cook...

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Since I shop daily as you know I tend to look up a recipe/ABC website/ etc and then go shop.

    It is the most awful hole to be in - I really understand it!

    I am going to be following some of the links as well!

    h+b said...

    Muz - thanks for that, you *bastid*

    Yay, links !! thanks !

    And Christie - grr - you, of all people, need not have commented :p

    Anonymous said...

    Try this - not sure it's exactly what you're after but think it's pretty close! If you don't like what they've chosen for the night you can either choose another at random or from a list of recipes.

    (friend of sister K)

    kim at allconsuming said...

    You've given me an idea...

    shellyC said...

    Sounds like you should do my shopping and I will do your cooking. Do you really like grocery shopping? i hate it hate hate it! Always send hubby out on the weekend with a list!

    I would recommend getting your fruit and vegies delivered - I used to (til the guy retired) and would just get a box of seasonal stuff. I didn't care what was in it and would decide what to cook based on what there was. Had thought of approaching a butcher to do the same.

    I need a good kick too - I have produced some really bad meals lately. I figure some bad weekday meals and many of those soup - I can justify the big expense for a great Indian Meal on the weekend. Cooked by an Indian of course!!

    Louise said...

    I so get the lack of interest. When you have to it do day in day out it gets rather booooooring!! Lucky my husband likes to cook AND shop so I get to break it up a bit. I'm trying a few new things with the kids which seems to be working but most of the time it's what's quick and easy!

    Cathy said...

    I'm with Louise - get a husband who likes to cook and shop!!

    peppermintpatcher said...

    My most favourite website is:

    I don't know if it does the shopping list thing, but the recipes use stuff that you are likely to have in the pantry.

    Look up pork, pear and prosciutto. I mad it the other night and it was damn fine!

    Melody said...

    When you find that person can you send them my way too? I feel the same as you in regards to cooking lately. I love to cook but just can't be fecked with the whole 'thinking' aspect of lists, budget, ideas etc.,

    Looks like you got some good links there and I have to agree with Tracey, is pretty good, recipe wise with basic ingredients.

    SadieandLance said...

    What Hoppo said.

    Can you let us know how you go with it all?

    I have a cooking slump every couple of months. My fall back is salt n vinegar chips. Sadly not really socially acceptable family tucker tho huh.

    KikiMiss said...

    Heck, remember I started doing that sort of thing on my blog. Sheesh what a slacko, I'll have to revisit. What we did was write a complete list of all the meals we cook (yes, the other half invests time & love too) and stuck it on the inside of the food storage cupboard. When we're slumped for ideas we look at it for inspiration, otherwise I truly recommend assembling the meal plan on a particular day of the week. Generally before your grocery shopping day and with a glass of wine in hand. I have never understood the shop-on-the-day idea but I'm highly organised and highly strung so it just doesn't suit me. Don't get me wrong, I'm fairly flexible and if I don't feel like making a particular meal on the list it's back to baked beans and cream cheese on toast ;-)

    Do you stock up on certain items when you see specials? I don't buy in bulk but I definitely pick up one or two more of that item. Especially staples like diced tomatoes and pasta. I also ensure I have all the ingredients for that day's meal...imagine how cranky I used to get after arriving home from a fun playdate (right next to a grocery store!!!!) and had I looked for my night's ingredients I would have noticed I had no more balsamic etc etc. See what I mean, I think it's all about being organised in the pantry department first and foremost.

    I'll try and get into the swing of writing that list again. Stay tuned. Also recommend Taste for fantastic, not to mention varied recipes. I print the tried & tested recipes and stick them in a notebook for quick reference. I sound ultra boring - AND I'M NOT!!!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Can't help you with the shopping list bit but these 2 sited are good for seasonal hints and things to cook (simple, quick).

    I resolve this dilema by making up a menu for the week. THen I look in the cupboards to see what I have and write a shopping list for what I don't have. We also have a list where we (well I) write something down as soon as you run out. That stuff gets added to the weekly shopping list.
    I've found this saves heaps of time, since I'm not dithering about thinking "what am I cooking for dinner tonight" and saves heaps of money since I'm not throwing out stuff I bought "just in case I need it".
    Hope this helps.

    MildlyCrafty said...

    Dinner Daily
    sounds exactly like what you're looking for ... except she stopped posting in November last year. Perhaps we can petition her to start again?

    muser said...

    also try

    It's american and you might be able to get a sample without paying. There's also a Saving Dinner book, which I own, and haven't opened for yonks. But it has seasonal menus, with shopping lists.

    Linda said...

    Check out for some really easy, quick ideas.
    I do like the eat out suggestion!

    Beth said...

    Ha! I am so totally on your side here. I just want someone to tell me what to do to so I can do it without thinking. Seriously. When you find what you want send the link to me. I am willing to sacrifice a small child for this (not necessarily my own small child- maybe a pretend small child. Actually I withdraw the comment- but you get my drift).

    Anonymous said...

    have you seen this one...

    Joke said...

    I can metrify, but sadly it's pretty much summah ovah heah all year long. (The way I like it.)

    There ARE a couple of Oz-specific spots I've found online. I shall rummage.


    Fairlie said...

    When you find what you describe - please let me know too! It's exactly what I need.

    KikiMiss said...

    I'm back to make another comment about this one, I often look at Melody's other blog for inspiration and recipes...I like the tried, true & tested variety.

    Further to the '4 Ingredients' site/book (incidentally, I don't own a copy), I notice they are airing their own programme on Fox, starting this Thursday 11/9 on LifeStyle. Maybe take a look at it too.

    KikiMiss said...


    KikiMiss said...

    This is becoming ridiculous me re-visiting this post more than you...but....I just came across this link which may interest you. All in new issue of Notebook: mag I see.

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