Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    You Like Picture ?

    I Like Picture.

    ( new cap from New York, and the bed slats against the wall made me think - how cool would it be to do a picket fence border around the room ? I'm not though. )

    Moved the boys into a dual-room on Sunday. The nursery ( which was never slept in due to my lazy penchant for co-sleeping ) is no more. It is now a BOY'S ROOM.

    MC is stoked, and I like it that we're all sleeping down one end of the house. It feels safer, for some reason, and cosier.
    Less 'segregated'.

    MC's 'old' room will now be a playroom, which will hopefully mean all the blocks and cars and Lego and crap will stay out of my way. Yeah, right.

    Keeping the tree, but if anyone Melbourne based ( ie: pick-up only ) wants my reed-&-wire "baby" letters, let me know.

    I no longer have a baby :(

    Instead, i've found some frames, and am going to hang the boy's silhouettes I made earlier. And recycle the letters of the older boy's name so they can just have an initial above each of their beds ( pretty tricky thinking to name the 2nd child with a letter out of the first boy's name, donchathink ? ;p )

    It's a necklace.
    And it 'tings' like crystal when you bend over at the local IGA to compare prices on loo paper. It's very pretty, and yes, i'm very lucky.

    and finally ...

    5 months old is such a beautiful age. Lots of laughs and smiles and commando crawling and yet not at that age where they run away from you at the park when all you want to do is sit down and relax. We've just started solids too. New IKEA highchair. Lovely.

    So i'm rather happy and productive and excited about life at the moment - don't you just love that feeling ?
    I'm all go-go-go and getting things done and racing about.

    Love it.


    Kirsty said...

    I like the picture. How cute the shot of the small boy is...lovely.

    Christie said...

    Wow, busy, busy, busy!

    Love the idea of the boys sharing & having a playroom ROCKS! We gave up having a formal diningroom to give the kids a playroom & I love having all the toys in one (very mess) spot!

    Smart work with the letter recycling too :-)

    Fairlie said...

    I *love* that Ikea highchair. I had one for No.2. It has to be one of the (not-so) secrets of the universe. Cheap as chips, completely wipeable (or hose-able), and sooooo much better than the hideously expensive whiz-bang, tilt, recline and spin model we had for Queenie when she was a baby.

    And to save me going over to comment on the previous post - I also *love* the Tiffany loot. Especially if it tings while you compare loo paper prices.

    Cathy said...

    I am loving that tiffany's ting! It just looks beautiful - hope everybody in your local IGA heard the ting.

    meggie said...

    Nothing like some ting to make you sing- & zing!

    M said...

    My oh my. Methinks that you are not only creative but a non-hoarding creative type. You move on, you create again. I'm referring here to your fabulous nursery being re-used. Your creations being given away. Only to be replaced by new creations. Good stuff.

    I wish I had one of those highchairs with my kids. Like Fairlie I had the whizz bang version from a posh baby store. Stay away from baby stores I say.

    Anonymous said...

    You reminded me that the good things in life happen every day!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Your bubsy is just so beautiful. I think a playroom is a great idea.

    Joke said...

    The playroom is a great idea. But to 2 boys it really means "toy vault."


    Heather said...

    That fence idea would be fun.

    We had one of those IKEA high chairs for our son. We liked it but it got broken. I've already bought a new one for use with our baby.

    Damselfly said...

    You have a beautiful life!

    Melody said...

    Life is good for you at the moment. How brilliant! Some lucky person will get to snap up your 'baby' wire!
    Your baby is growing up, that is for sure...

    Loving the necklace!

    Surfing Free said...

    Oh yes, five months is a beautiful age. As is 13 months ... and then skip over the rest until you arrive at six. :)

    That is one hell of a gorgeous necklace. I covet it.

    I WISH we had a playroom. Let us know if the lego, et al really does stay where it belongs.

    Do the boys sleep ok together??

    We have that Ikea highchair and it is wonderful - so easy to clean and so easy to move around.

    crafty said...

    Oh yeah, the ikea highchair, I loved that thing.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Gee that boy of mine is gorgeous.

    Five months IS a fantastic age. I loved it every time.

    It is just lovely to read this post and feel your energy and happiness in every line!

    Stacey said...

    The Ikea high chair is an excellent choice.
    We fell into the trap of the all singing all dancing reclining super chair that soon became home to various furry bits and pieces as it was impossible to clean.
    Crap purchase, as was the super dooper then top of the line pram. Weighed a tonne and was too big to fit in the car. That'll teach me for being too brand focussed.
    Our boys share a room and its really cute when they whisper to each other. Unless they are fighting when they should be sleeping of course.
    Love the necklace. Beautiful!

    Gina said...

    I've been eying that highchair. I'll be heading to IKEA. I had to do a double take of the highchair photo. It looks so much like a magazine ad. You take beautiful pictures. Gorgeous necklace. And I love the subtle Tiffany box background!

    Hoppo Bumpo said...

    Great photos - love the idea of the silhouettes.

    Having a play room will be fun. Good luck with keeping all those toys in there though! We have a playroom and I still found myself (accidentally) rollerskating down the stairs atop Matchbox cars the other day!

    Victoria said...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys room pictures.

    melissa said...

    Sharing a room is a great idea! The boys will love it.

    I am only now decorating my one's nursery. Never slept in it till he was 7 or 8 months and no longer a baby so glad i didn't decorate it before hand!

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