Saturday, April 05, 2008

    Yes. No.

    yes = Ashton Kutcher.
    Presumably posed as above ( ignore the dude on the right ) and not saying much

    no = I haven't visited your blog or replied to your email.
    I've been busy drinking juice.
    And looking at semi-dressed young men.

    And stuff.


    Stomper Girl said...

    Take your time, sweetie. You do have your hands rather full at the moment.

    Christie said...

    A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do..... sounds like fun!

    Janet said...

    what's with those white boots hey?

    and yeah, I imagine you'd have your hands rather full at the moment!

    KikiMiss said...

    You've got your hands more than full if you're peeking in at these sorta sites I'd say.

    As usual, you don't disappoint with the laughs you give me. I'm glad I often choose to check in on you just prior to bedtime. Now I'll rest with a cheeky smile.

    Night night.

    dottycookie said...

    Glad to see you're spending your time well!

    And given the choice between Ashton Wotsit and blogging - well, really, I'd have been disappointed if you hadn't ;-)

    Melody said...

    Not keen on those white boots but the rest looks gooooood!

    And don't you have two little ones to care for also? That is an excuse in its self.

    My float said...

    Juice is very good for you. Keep it up.

    meggie said...

    What the hell are those white boots about?
    Keep on juicing.

    h&b said...

    you girls looking at the white boots ( hell, he could be wearing grey Grandpa zip-ups for all I care ! ) really need to refocus your eyes.

    No wonder Demi's aging so well..

    Kim said...

    Ashton is HOT.
    I'm still a little miffed Chef vetoed Ashton as a name from the getgo.

    peppermintpatcher said...

    I'd ditch you for ashton - white boots and all.

    No need to feel bad about that!

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