Friday, February 08, 2008

    "What I'd Wear Wednesday" ( Friday Edition )

    I don't usually take too much stock in fashion. I tend to 'dress for me', and if I see something I lust, I can usually find a cheaper option at Target. When I buy something, I wear it forever.

    I mean, i'm aware of what's daggy and naff - i'm current, but within my own style, if that makes sense..

    Anyone that knows me will know I have a wardrobe full of tailored jackets.
    NO sweaters/jumpers/pullovers/whatever you want to call them.
    They make me look dumpy.
    I'm short with boobs. If you put a jumper on me, they fall from the boobs, obliterate my waist and make me look like I should lose a few pounds. Dumpy.

    White Shirts

    Everything else just falls into place.


    So this is what i'm now asking for as a 'push-present'. I figure it's cheaper than jewels, and despite having no idea what size I am/will be ... I just have to own this. It's so me.

    The wardrobe is currently navy-blue-blazerless, although I have no idea how to delicately retrieve a boob for breastfeeding out of this ensemble. I don't care. I want it.

    So anyway, i've just taken a bit of a tour through some old photo albums looking for pics of me and the history of the jacket. My first was an oversized man's jacket from an Oppy.

    I loved that jacket.

    Wore it until the lining was shredded and it really started to fall apart. I think it lasted 10years of hardy, abusive constant wear.

    I couldn't find the pic I wanted. Posing Proudly with my Individually Ripped and Bleached jeans cinched at the waist with an Khaki Army Belt and Newly Dyed Auburn Hair. Damn it.

    That was a good photo... i'd just lost all the weight of spending a year in the US, and I was out of home and living on campus in my first year of Uni. Life looked promising.

    I found these though:

    I'd had to 'dress preppy' for a 'How to Host A Murder' party ( 1992 ) as I was playing a caddish lawyer who liked to golf. Funny thing was, I assembled this out of my regular clothes. That's the Oppy jacket, and the pants, belt and shirt were regular work attire. Although for work, I wouldn't have tucked the pants into long socks and worn brogues, natch.

    ( afternote: MC just came up behind me, scrunched his nose in disgust and said "THAT girl has a MUSTACHE. Like a MAN. YUKKY!" ) Heh.

    Little dude, that girl is yo momma.


    Lazy cow said...

    Those how-to-host-a-murder parties! I loved those. You look fabulous.
    I'm coveting that argyle vest actually. Saw a very similar one in Esprit today.
    And you always look so fresh and well put-together. STILL cannot get over all the white you wear and still stay clean.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Being a good libran I would go for jacket AND jewels.

    You will be labouring for goodness sake. To produce a baby.

    Don't hold back on the push present.

    Melody said...

    Esprit have some *lovely* blazer/jackets out for the autumn/winter season. Me needs one. (Not for Cairns obviously!) The vest I like too. And Jennifer's body. I'd like one of those too.

    Stomper Girl said...

    That jacket is sensational but I really think that you should acquire it under "ordinary wardrobe refurbishment", and you should get some sparkles for your push-present.

    And how hilarious about the mo-revulsion.

    nutmeg said...

    Now I know the "background story" as to you nice comment about my jacket when we met! I too love a good jacket - the best style for me is the long line ones down to mid thigh and fitted up top!

    Anyway, I swear that I had a grey man style double breasted jacket (very similar to that pictured here) which I loved and also wore to death. It also had shoulder pads - care of the '80's of course.

    Stacey said...

    Jennifer Hawkins could wear a sack and still look good. Anthony saw her at Crown and said she is absolutely stunning. I wanted to know what he was doing at Crown.....
    I do like a jacket too, but not as much as I like a tailored coat. I bought a nice one last winter - an "investment piece". Can't wait for it to get cold so I can wear it again.
    That's a lovely mo you're sporting there. Please tell me it washed off....

    plum said...

    I saw that too in the latest Myer catalouge - Tommy H wasn't it? I liked it as well but thought I couldn't carry off the argyle vest. I say go for it - when people ask me if I got a diamond after the birth of our children I just stared blankly "huh?".

    KikiMiss said... remind me of me in these pics. I loved wearing a blazer at school - it always made me feel so "superior" without sounding like a snob. Must check out these Esprit blazers Melody is talking about.

    Re breastfeeding you could always get one two sizes too big and cut a hole in the front and then add a gauzed keyhole mwhahahahaha...

    ...I'm in a silly mood.

    h&b said...

    Hmm, Esprit, hey ? Will have to take a looksee. I think my newest jacket must be 10yrs old already..

    Plum - yes, Tommy H.
    Very St Elmo's Fire.

    kiki - my school never had a uniform. It was pleb city. You really noticed your station when you went on excursions to Canberra and came across a troup of blazer&boater wearing girls coming the other way... they always looked so smart, IMO ..

    Janet said...

    I love that picture of you in the jacket and the mo, priceless...

    meggie said...

    I love the way littlies stare in disbelief at photos of their parents before they knew them!

    If it is a jacket you want, ask for it!

    M said...

    I used to wear blazers and now in a rejection of all that is corporate I've decided to embrace the knit. I just have to find the type of knit that suits me.

    I say go for whatever "push present" you like. Me, I'd TRY for a Tiffany celebration ring as an ambit claim thereby guaranteeing I get the blazer.

    PlanningQueen said...

    I just bought a white shirt yesterday which I had been looking for for about a year. I love it. Hope you get your push present.

    joanne said...

    yo momma nice digs!

    h&b said...

    yo momma - they not *my* digs :p

    Joke said...

    Facial hair aside, that's a very flattering look for you.


    Corrie said...

    nice present...I don't think you have to have jewellery!

    I got georg jensen for number 1 and since I'm having twins I've put in my request for top of the line stainless steel kitchen aid.....


    Damselfly said...

    Great find! I love jackets, too, but I don't have nearly enough of them. I find they're too hot where I live.

    Your murder mystery pix are great! You sure can strike a pose. I did that once and had to dress up like a mobster's girlfriend. Fun!

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