Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Terrible with Dates

    I missed my 2yr Bloggiversary yesterday. There was no cake.
    It would have also been my 400th post, so that was coincidental.

    I'm a bit of a bloke with stuff like that though - forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, mine, other peoples...
    Self-absorbed, I guess. That shining narcisstic quality again.
    Needless to say, I don't have the kind of friends that get miffed if you don't call them or even email them for months at a time.

    I have the kind of friends, when you do eventually manage to get together, it's lovely, and like no time has past and you just get stuck into it. *Good* friends.

    What is it about early February though ?
    I've just recently read two other bloggers I read started blogging this time last year, so they're celebrating their first bloggiversary ( no doubt looking up to me :p .. ahem .. well, maybe not ... )

    So delurk if you haven't before, and say hi ( who are you, my Dutch, Swedish and Belgium friends ? - Laurent, my Exchange Student fling, is that you ? ).

    And to those that asked, and the person searching my blog for "pregnant", yes, i'm due to be in a lot of pain soon.
    I've got a whole new blog look just itching to be launched, but I need to provide a live birth first. As births go, I think i'm more a slowcooker than a deepfrier, so it may be a little while yet.

    Meanwhile, congratulations to Fiona.
    Only Gina and me to go.
    I'm baggsing the wooden spoon, methinks....


    KikiMiss said...

    Happy 2nd Anniversary...I keep hoping a new post will be a picture of a sweet, fresh new H&B face!! Throw some oil into that slow cooker and get the deep frying happening, alright?

    I only mentioned to a friend the other night how good it is to have people surrounding us that aren't precious and high maintenance. I'm one of those too that stores up the contact and when I do WOW, look out there is just so much conversation and excitement. They really are the true, good friends for life.

    Melinda said...

    Happy Blogiversary. Popping over from Blue Mountains Mary's blog (why is that a mouthful when you make it possesive?)

    Being pregnant in the summer is an adventure all its own. I thought I would DIE of heat stroke and swollen ankles before Miss Abby (all 8 pounds and 15 lazy to convert for you so you'll have to figure out the grams yourself) decided (see induced) to make an appearance.

    Terrible with dates: forgot my own birthday last year. It's just over a week after Christmas and 6 days before the birthday of my eldest. I was surprised to get a call from my sister wishing me well! She was more surprised I had no clue why she was calling.

    Melinda said...

    Obviously not ALWAYS a good speller. That should be possessive.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Thanks for 400 posts of fun! What are you talking about, pain? Childbirth is fun.

    Anonymous said...

    Man I hope it was Laurent. That will make a fabulous post. Miss Ashleigh has been to a few rotary meetings with Jarek. No fling, but they both speak english!

    melissa said...

    Happy 2nd blogiversary. I'm a new lurker but I love the bits I have read of your blog so far.

    Pregnant in summer... I don't envy you!

    Gina said...

    Happy blogiversary and empathetic fingers crossed in hopes of the least amount of pain possible -- from one slowcooker to another. I never remember important dates either. The bonus being I don't (usually) fuss at Rob for forgetting too.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    If I had known you a year ago of course it would have been you that had inspired me. Look what a maniac you have turned me into with the photography this year. I have said this to Shula too - if you could just give me some advanced warning of your next obsession so I can be mentally prepared for where it might take me. That would be good thanks.

    Happy 2 years. The impending birth is constantly occupying a bit of my mind somewhere. As I am sure it is with you too!

    Fairlie said...

    Congratulations on 2 years and 400 posts!

    I'm anxiously awaiting both the live birth and the new blog look...oh you do tease us!

    Melody said...

    400 posts! 2 years. Well done. Makes you wonder just how long *we* all will be blogging for doesn't it? Will we all be blogging 10-20-30 years from now?

    So your oven is working well. Keep baking until the bubba is ready to come out and say G'day. I wonder if *it* knows there are people all over the world waiting for its birth?

    meggie said...

    You tease you!!
    Congrats to you, for stickability, & entertainment value!
    We keep coming back for excellence!

    My b'day is this month, hope it it not born on my date....way too complicated.

    In transit said...

    De-lurking from Belgium - assuming that I am *the* Belgian. Though I am not really Belgian.... just an aussie lovin' all the Aussie-ness of your blog. Stumbled upon from the pages of shells and beans - my future SIL.

    shellyC said...

    Happy Blogiversary!!

    I am like you and forget dates etc and thankfully have friends who still love me!!!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Slow cooking makes for the best outcomes ;)

    Christie said...

    Congrats!! and OF COURSE i look up to you, he, he, he!

    looking forward to the new look & new family member.. I was a slow cooker too

    I am still voting for a girl-child, shake things up i say...

    YoMJ said...

    I too forget anniversies, etc. I almost forget my kids birthdays,and I am a grandma, but fortunately I have a husband that does remember.
    Good luck with the new one.


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