Saturday, February 02, 2008


    Computer has been really slow lately.

    It's my fault, I think, as I really like to have ALL my photos at hand - NOT on a separate hard drive, not on disc.

    I need to get over it.
    ( Speaking of which, can someone tell me the best way to shrink and compact 2GIG of photos onto 700MB discs ? Without compromising on picture quality ? ta muchly )

    So, as part of my 'divide and conquer', clean and delete mission, I got rid of "Zoo Tycoon II", the boy's favourite game.
    His only game, really.

    Because it's not me and all my photos now, is it ?
    No. Best deprive another.

    Anyway, I loaded it back on today. Out of guilt.

    The boy has been searching for it EVERYWHERE. I found 'zoo' entered into YouTube, written on the blackboard, and he'd even created a new folder on the desktop.

    I felt so bad.

    So it's back.
    Poor kid.
    Horrid mother.

    The gate that Daddy built:

    It's great, we love it. It also means there's some private 'paved' area for tricycling on, or playing racecars, or bouncing a ball. The rest of our backyard is grass, so this is fabulous.

    Thanks Daddy !


    Joke said...

    Guilt is powerful stuff.


    Frogdancer said...

    I put all my photos onto Flikr. It only costs $25 a year. I figured that I have access to them any time I want, and if the house burns down or our computer gets stolen then I still have all our photos.

    Frogdancer said...

    Oops. Meant to say... Nice gate!

    meggie said...

    Very nice gate! Space to play safely is always a great bonus.

    Glad guilt got the better of you.

    Cant help with the photo thingy.

    KikiMiss said...

    How about putting your pics onto DVDs? I did a cull, sort and burn last year which was just too long ago now. I'm like you and have thousands just sitting there waiting for a catastrophe. Thank you for the reminder that I need to do something about it very soon.

    Lovely gate, terrific job. What's next on AB's list besides baby?

    I'm laughing at 'zoo' on all those things - he might start tagging everything at Kindy too ;-)

    Melody said...

    Every couple of months I upload my photos onto discs then delete the files - otherwise my computer would be slllooooowwwww too! I quite like the idea of frogdancer's. Good idea.

    Great gate. Aren't we lucky we live with handy men?

    bluemountainsmary said...

    In an unusual rush of organisation blood to the head I took myself off to the local camera house and made albums quite cheaply for each of the kids and our travelling last year. Even though all these photos are still on my computer I feel better to have something old fashioned like an album which the kids can have in due course.

    The gate is wonderful and as Meggie says peace of mind in having a safe place for Zoo boy to play.

    h&b said...

    The thing with me is that even if I print the photos out, or put them on flickr, I still want them on MY hard drive.

    Kiki - do DVDs have more space than regular CD's ? I'll have to check as I know we've got them in the house too.

    What I really want to do is have each year on a solo disc. Which is a lot of pics. I'm not good at the cull .....

    Stomper Girl said...

    I like keeping my photos on the hard drive too, but the new ipods scan store a lot of photos and dvds are pretty good too.

    Slowness is not always about fullness, have you run a scan with Spybot or similar lately to check you haven't got a trojan doing you harm? Or defragmented your drive?

    Your gate is very good, having an enclosed back yard is a precious gift when you will be tied to the couch feeding the new baby for hours at a time.

    And as for Mister Ooz. He is so clever!

    M said...

    My photos are stored on my computer, on a separate hard disk, and if I remember onto DVDs (I don't compress them). Am I paranoid? Yes. Of course.

    Love the gate.

    Understand about the computer game. If I ever deleted Rollercoaster from the computer (and believe me I WANT to) there would be a meltdown around here. From THREE people.

    Christie said...

    mean, mean mummy...

    gate look noice!

    ThirdCat said...

    Two weekends ago, I went and bought one of those external hard drives. Best computer investment yet.

    Louise said...

    Oh well done Dad, that gate looks gorgeous! I just love the ooz!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Lovely gate - I shall keep that pic in mind for when I finally hassle Mr Brown away from the cricket.

    KikiMiss said...

    H&B, yep DVDs store thousands and heaps of gigs (like me English??). If you want them at the ready go the external hard drive route as well but you should get them off your computer ASAP.

    As Murphy's law has it, some sorta crap will happen now you've talked about it.

    Kirsty said...

    about a week after I was warned to do something about my work/photos and get them off my hard drive onto something else I had the dreaded CRASH!!! I just sat in the office and cried untill my husband came home for lunch and found me!!!Our computer guy could only retrieve about 10% of it!!!
    At least back them up tomorrow!!!

    .....I just had a quick break from this comment when "I did a wee in mine bed" came from the 3.5 year old.....Well after inspection and me carrying on like a pork chop he says "Me wricked you!!" NOT FUNNY!
    When he starts kindy in second term, (being no.4) I'll be the Mum saying "go on any cup will do!!"

    Kirsty said...

    I love the ooz. Naughty has always (since the big girl began to write) & will always be nooty. I LOVE it.

    caramaena said...

    lol @ the ooz. Joke is right, guilt is powerful stuff.

    If the photo's are that precious, invest in double of whatever you do and keep a second copy somewhere else.

    Oh and having gone through a hard drive failure, I'd say do it asap!

    Noice gate :)

    caramaena said...

    Ugh - must remember to proofread before pressing publish!!

    It's 'photos' not 'photo's' bleh...

    shellyC said...

    Love the gate - well done Daddy!
    I love to see what my kids google. They would find out so much more if they could spell though!

    Holly & Scolly said...

    Nice gate, good work daddy.

    I keep my photos on my hard drive, on an external hard drive as a back up, and on dvds off site as another back up. Oh, I also make dvd slideshows out of the ones I really like. Overkill? Probably but I do love my photos.

    peppermintpatcher said...

    Just get a second bigger hard drive. It's super cheap to buy space. We have two drives in this computer - one for the programs and one for the files we save, including all of the photos. That way the files don't slow the programs.

    My float said...

    Lovely gate.

    Your boy's attempt to find his game made me laugh. People will think I'm crazy if you keep this up.

    Janet said...

    yeah I'm with stomper about the defrag, we also have a disk clean up thingy called registry mechanic oon the old computer and ashampoo on this one. I have a list of weekly and monthly tasks I'm meant to do. I'm just assuming here you run windows...

    We've just had days of computer horror. Lucky I have a mirror hardrive (don't understand but it works) or I would a lost the lot. Gulp. Backup. Somehow. Please.

    Janet said...

    ps I keep thinking your bub must be getting close to making an entrance?

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