Monday, January 28, 2008

    Depeche Mode

    Must be something about pregnancy.
    I remember having "Exciter" on high rotation during the incubation of 2004.

    I kept a website for baby then ( pre-blogging days ) and noted:

    " We enjoy our morning ride to work ( anyone that knows me knows I like my car music up LOUD ) and I try and judge my baby's tastes on the kick-o-meter scale.

    Baby likes Dionne Warwick singing "Do you know the Way to San Jose" ( yeah, I know .. ), The Strokes, The White Stripes, a bit of Robbie Williams .. um ... I was a bit disappointed in the reaction to Depeche Mode ( luke-warm ), although we do like a bit of vintage "Personal Jesus".

    I remembered this this morning, when I found myself on You-Tube ( how I got to Depeche Mode from a link to Jo Kennedy singing Body & Soul is another matter ) playing and singing along to "Enjoy the Silence" .. which was only then a short stroll to "Personal Jesus".
    The unborn seemed impressed. I like a baby with good musical taste.

    We don't own any Wiggles CD's here.

    The first child, and now self-proclaimed 'Big Boy' still loves his music and gets quite upset with his father in the car for selecting Sports Radio SEN over "MUMMY'S MUSIC PLEASE !" ( he yells from the back ).
    I love it. My own support/cheer squad.

    Yesterday we had a bit of a boogie in the front room ( apologies to anyone walking by - we're yet to get screening type shrubbery to protect you from my image ). The favourite CD for the boy ATM is the Scissor Sisters, which he calls the "Barbershop Songs".

    The image of a big fat momma dancing to "Take Your Mama Out" must have been a treat.

    So this pregnancy has been a carbon-copy of the first in every way.
    I said to the husband last night I would be so shocked if this new child doesn't look and act *exactly* the same way the firstborn did.
    I'm carrying the same, have put the same amount of weight on ( 20kgs ! ), drink about a litre of OJ every day, and feel fine.
    I could do WITHOUT a carbon-copy labour though.

    I'm kinda hoping the baby will just slip out on the floor in an 'oopsie!' kinda moment. ha !
    ha ! ha !

    ha ?

    Well, I can wish, can't I ? ............


    Louise said...

    My second pregnancy was pretty much the same as the first but she kind of did slip out like an oopsie!! Two hours from waking up with a contraction to delivering at the hospital. No drugs or anything! You just never know!?!

    Melody said...

    When I was 8 months pregnant I went to The Streets concert at the Prince of Wales. My yet-unborn baby loved it and even now, Monet has a thing for Mikey Skinner.

    No Wiggles cd's here either - pity I can't say the same about Hi-5 ones. My own fault. Monet and I have a deal that when drive somewhere (usually into Cairns city) she gets her songs on the way in (about a 15-20 min drive) and I get my songs on the way out. Once in a while I get surprised when Monet announces she wants my songs both into town AND back.

    KikiMiss said...

    What is it with children and 'Personal Jesus'...they all love it?!

    This business end of your pregnancy is really exciting for all of us readers you know, whether or not you are having a carbon copy.

    Gina said...

    Second was incredibly easy. No pushing at all. I'll be hoping for your oopsie!

    By the way, the best free photoshop actions are here:

    I splurged on some of these ( year and use them in almost every photo edit (love her borders too).

    These (( look fun and will probably be my next splurge:

    These ( look interesting and I may look into them at some point.

    More here ( but you have to sift through quite a bit.

    Now of course they've come out with the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which may change everything (|1156515693).

    KikiMiss said...

    Meant to say I was at the Coldplay concert at Rod Laver when Miss A was in utero. Now she always calls out to the Big Fella saying it's his & her music - BUT, what about me waaaah waaahh waaaah waaah. I'm the one who did the hard work bringing her into this world.

    Stomper Girl said...

    My kids love my music too!

    You keep right on believing in this pain-free labour, honey.

    Stacey said...

    I never did Wiggles either - way too cheery for me and as the driver, I reserve the right to choose. In the husband's car (he has a stacker) the boys argue over whether to listen to Jet or Coldplay. In my car its always "Not Jon Faine Mum, he's boring".
    So was your first delivery not so good? Believe in the oopsie, love, it may happen. I had two oopsie deliveries. Many less than complimentary jokes at my expense made as a result.
    Every time you don't post for a day or two I think you've had the baby.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I had an oopsie delivery with the second. And the third.

    It's called a caesarian!

    h&b said...

    so many oopsies ... hmm ... I can't see it happening myself .. but I like living in delusional denial ...

    Stacey - yep, 20kgs. No typo.
    And no, the first time was no walk in the park...

    BMM - i'm SCARED of caesarians - i'd rather my injuries where I can't see them thanks.

    Gina - thanks SO much for the links !!

    shula said...

    when are you due?

    caramaena said...

    I hope you get your oopsie wish ;)

    dottycookie said...

    Sensible baby to like DM - it is the music of choice on my ipod when I am running around pretending to do housework. I would try Radiohead but I fear I'd just fall on the floor and be unable to hoover.

    My second pregnancy was like a more intense version of the first, and the two babies looked identical at birth and differed by only 5oz - but they are verrrrry different little people now. And while my first tiddler scorns my music, the second one tolerates it. She knows how to win me over ;-)

    Christie said...

    Ryder likes the scissor sisters too, although i wish i could say that we don't own any wiggles CDs...

    good luck with bub #2 arriving during a sneeze, you just never know!

    meggie said...

    May your labour & the birth be short & sweet!
    You never know your luck.
    My kids & grandkids all love music, & we have a very wide range of listening pleasures.

    Muzbot said...

    It seems a healthy good taste in music is going to run in the family there for you.
    "Exciter" was just re-mastered and re-released recently I think. For me, DM's "Violator" is still right up there as one of my all time fave albums.

    Fiona said...

    Good luck with that oopsie! I've got my fingers crossed for one, too. Glad you're still feeling well - must be all that vitamin c coursing through your veins!

    crafty said...

    Oopsies do happen. I had one with the first. As in he fell on the floor, took the midwife by surprise. OOPSIE!

    (now everyone probably hates me, my labour was short, but I assure you I did suffer)

    Fairlie said...

    There's nothing carbon-copy about my two! (Except the weight gain...and let's just say it was even more than 20kgs!)

    I personally don't know anyone who has had an oopsie labour...are they some kind of urban myth?

    joanne said...

    I see your 20kg and raise you three kilos -

    My float said...

    (Much wailing and gnashing of teeth)

    Oh, to have known you pre my baby! If only I'd never succumbed to Wiggles or anything else. For three and a half years we listened to kiddie CDs until my brain exploded and I refused to listen to anything other than the radio.

    So now he loves The Fallout Boys, Mika, Kanye West, Avril, etc. HOORAY.

    In my next life, I'll not make that mistake.

    May an oopsie birth come your way. I had one just like Mary's last two - a caesar oopsie! Best of luck hon.

    muser said...

    My DS1 loves some of my music. At least, he's a big Pete Murray fan. Can't get him into Kristen Hersh though.

    DS2 wasn't an oopsie delivery but very much half the labour time. AND I enjoyed being so much more in the moment than I was the first time.

    Damselfly said...

    Funny, my kid seemed to get excited when things were quiet ...

    Let's wish for an oopsie. I read about one (a true story) in a pregnancy magazine. A woman in labor was being wheeled in a chair at a hospital, and then all of a sudden she stood up and the baby came out, bungee style. That's what the nurse telling the story said, anyway....

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