Thursday, November 01, 2007

    I ♥ Bloggers ( and other People's Weddings )

    18 months blogging.

    5 bloggers met, more to come soonish.
    100 bloggers regularly read, most of them local/domestic.

    Questions asked, good advice given and gathered, appreciated.
    Comments received, with delight.

    Today I met LuLuLollyLegs ( not her real name ) at a local café for juice ( juicer broken ), and a promised biscuit with smarties in it ( sold out ), ok, so a Yo-Yo ( sorry, that was the last one .. ).
    Err, ok. So allowing your son Portello at 10.30am is kosher, yeah ?

    MmM - Portello.

    And she gave me booty. 2 bags of booty. For ladies in the family way.

    Saved to 'drafts'.
    Now it's tomorrow, or today, depending on your outlook...


    Went to a Wedding last night. I love Other People's Weddings.
    This one was no exception.

    I hadn't met the bride before, but she was so lovely, and fun.
    A good catch.
    One of those people you take an instant liking to.
    And, because it was a small party, we were treated to a reception Upstairs at The Stokehouse ( OMG, YuMmMmm !! ).

    I had the Seared tuna and lightly smoked ocean trout with shaved fennel, avocado and white gazpacho for entree, and Grilled angus beef tenderloin with potato gratin, roasted asparagus and Café Paris butter for mains.
    Assorted 'pass around the table' sides flowed freely.

    I would describe the meal as 'orgasmic'.

    Dessert was little petit fours and mini-desserts in mini-cups with mini-spoons to eat from, served cocktail-style from selection platters during the speeches.

    Some might recall I lust mini-things, degustation menus, and amuse bouches.
    They really push my culinary buttons.
    A taste, an eye-popping look of love and lust with whatever is exploding on the tongue, and then another taste of something else. Heaven.

    So yeah, there was a bride and a groom and speeches, and stuff. But here I am, rabbitting on like i've never eaten out in a restaurant before.
    I'm like that with a good meal though - it hangs around in my conscious like a book that touches the soul.

    I think the last time I was at the Stokehouse, AB and I were 'dating'.
    I hope we don't leave it so long to return this time....


    Christie said...

    I love other peoples weddings too! Glad you had such a good night at the Stokehouse, it is one of my fav restaurants too, but I am biased...

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Weddings are the best fun because everyone is so happy.

    I am beginning to think that we need to organise a bloggers meet . Somewhere between Sydney and Melbourne.

    Wagga Wagga?

    Lazy cow said...

    So glad you met Lululollylegs and took her up on her offer. Isn't she divine?
    As for weddings, I'm such a cynical bitch, and have been to so many weddings (my husband's friends all got married within about 5 years) where I don't know anyone. Still hanging out for all MY girlfriends to get married and I'll be pushing for them to married at the Stokehouse. Oh yum.

    Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

    Why oh why can't people we know have their reception at the Stokehouse, rather than dodgy reception centres?
    I've only eaten upstairs once before and it was divine, divine, divine! You are so lucky.
    Last wedding we went to (only a few weeks ago), the entire meal was deep fried finger food. Don't get me wrong, I love a fried dimmy as much as the next person, but at a wedding?
    I hate weddings.

    Tina O'D said...

    Where's the pic of you all done up? Glad to hear you had a good night and enjoyed the meal? I gather Grandma L was minding CB?

    Louise said...

    It was great to meet you and your sweet boy - I hope he is feeling better! Sorry about the biscuits - did you see the biscuit delivery truck pull up just before we left!! I hope the clothes will be of some use - even if it's only a couple of things. I knew you would love the food at the wedding - isn't it the BEST!!

    Joke said...

    Enjoyable weddings are usually rarity, and to be cherished.

    I'm a complete imbecile for thinking this -- never mind stating it in public -- but I am more greatly saddened when a marriage breaks up if the wedding was nice.


    tracey petersen said...

    What!? No smaties biscuits - ridiculous!

    Suse said...

    The last time we Mr Soup and I ate upstairs at the Stokehouse was when we were freshly married. We had a huge fight almost as soon as we arrived and then sat there for over 2 hours enduring the meal in stony silence.

    Oh god.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Well as you know I am a great one for saying yes to meeting up with bloggers. but I've never been to the Stokehouse.

    muser said...

    re the bloggers meet.. yes!

    Damselfly said...

    Lucky you! I hardly ever get invited to weddings.

    And how fun is it to meet a blogger? I'd like to sometime. If you ever come to the States, let me know. ;)

    Frogdancer said...

    The Stokehouse?? I'm jealous. That's one of the places i've never been to and I want to....

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