Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Macro Meals

    Does anybody else do this ?

    Making tiny little meals because dinner is cooked, and their husband/partner is still not home ?
    And if you make a little tiny meal in a sauce dish you not only get to taste how the BIG meal will be, but you also get to eat a tiny, weeny meal, which is pretty special, IMO.

    I love little teeny weeny meals.
    Like function food. I love little things on platters.
    It's a sickness.

    Maybe it was because I was but a poor student in the 80's when the whole "Nouveau Cuisine" movement took off.
    Large white plates the size of a tire wheel with something arty, itsy-bitsy and stacked precariously in the middle, using up about a 12th of the plate.
    Costing twice your weekly rent.

    I used to read "Gourmet Traveller" at Uni ( we'd nick them from the free clinic ), and we'd devour those pages in leiu of the food we couldn't afford.

    I still have a penchant for reading online menus, while possibly eating Baked Beans or 2-min noodles.
    You can dine out on a good description, believe me.

    And if you want to impress me, take me to a restaurant that serves an amuse bouche.
    A free appetiser before entree and main ? Ooh la la !
    And I don't care if the mushroom capuccino is passé.

    I love it. Bring it on !

    Which brings me tonight's pre-dinner dinner.
    Green chicken curry with fresh coriander from my garden. L'adore.

    But now i've gotta go, as i'm missing "Earl" Heh.

    Funky Cold Medina.

    Almost as good as an amuse bouche.




    slap me happy said...

    I do that all the time lol, thank goodness the kids know how to fix things up for themselves

    Stomper Girl said...

    Geez, when I was a poor student it was all 2-minute noodles (the no-name variety) and toast.

    You're so sophisticated.

    PS. If anyone who comments here knows what an amuse bouche is, or if H&B really means coffee made out of fungus can you let me in on the secret??.

    My float said...

    In the Australian vernacular, amuse bouche is actually "amuse bush". As in weed, grass, the green stuff that makes you giggle.

    Consider yourself educated, Stomper.

    As for the small meals, yes, I love tasting but then I end up five times heavier than everybody else!

    h&b said...

    No Stomper !
    You misunderstand ... I like the little food as I got none in the 80's .. that was when we ate the mags and the 2min noodles and the toast too !!

    I missed out, so i'm making up for it now.

    An amuse bouche is like a little complimentary doovah before you're ordered meals come. It's FREE and generally nicer ( IMO ) than what you probably ordered. And it's FREE ( see, it's the 80's scavengerism coming back again ).

    We used to also go to gallery openings so we could eat free cheese and that would be our dinner.

    And Float - that's the beauty of little meals. You can have lots of servings ;)

    tracey petersen said...

    I love to go to restuarants with big plates and small stacks of food. It sends my Pete into the most fabulous of rants. It is food with a show! Must do that this weekend!
    It's amazing how rice goes with every meal when you are studying, never could do the 2 min noodles.

    caramaena said...

    I lived on 2 min noodles when I was at college.

    My partner doesn't like the 'arty' meals when you've got a huge plate and a tower of food. He takes great pleasure in 'dismantling' all their hard work!

    Stomper Girl said...

    But you wanted to eat well is what I meant. You knew there was a better way of living. Living in the gutter, looking up at the stars...or something.

    I still need to know about the mushroom cappucino.

    And forgot to say your mini green curry looked delish! Specially with the nice big glass of wine beside it.

    kirsty said...

    I remember my sister in law and her triathlete husband going to one of those restaurants in the 80's , spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment and then having to go through a Macca's drive-thru on the way home because Paul was still hungry!

    Fairlie said...

    When I was working full-time and had to go to a lot of evening drinks functions (which is all a lifetime ago now...) I realised that if you organised your parties well, you could live off finger food alone.

    And perhaps it is passe, but nothing amuses my bouche like a mushroom cappuccino...

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    My vicarious dining out was via the pages of Vogue Entertaining.
    I could live on those tiny tasty things (just so long as I didn't have to make them first!)

    nutmeg said...

    I can't even look at a packet of two minute noodles now - we at least forked out for the Maggi brand - one of my flatmates didn't though and they tasted like the food you'd eat on space shutle mission (liked I'd know!)

    Anyway - I think you'd be a good pal to take to a Degustation dinner :-)

    Tina O'D said...

    For your dining pleasure try Tiny meals are the best, you can have many courses.

    tommiea said...

    This is the exact reason I have stark white plates and foofoo salad plates. I still plate my food like I am a sous chef at a foo foo restaurant!

    meggie said...

    This caused a lot of laughter. Our 'treat'was rice risotto! I couldnt ever eat it now.
    Very nice picture of the large wine with the mini meal.
    Yum Cha is my favourite 'small food'.

    suburban mom said...

    Oh my gosh, that looks delish (and YUM to the wine) :)

    Muzbot said...

    Yumbo! that looks great! And topped off with a "tiny" glass of white too!

    I'm sitting here, back in my unit after being away, no food in the cupboards, nothing in the fridge, it's raining outside and my bike has a flat tire and I read this post all about food. Grrrr... It's made my mouth water. It's such a tease.

    Suse said...

    I like your priorities. Small food, big wine.

    (Or woyne, as Cherub would say).

    Suse said...

    I forgot to say, I know about amuse bouche(s) but mushroom cappuccino?


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