Monday, November 05, 2007

    By Request..

    Tummy dressed up for the hen's night, and then the wedding ( I never thought of myself as a 'pink' girl, but these pictures seem to suggest otherwise.. ).
    The white is a no-brainer, as we have discussed before..

    I think I am the only person alive who thinks cotton is suitable for evening wear.
    I just can't wear all that slinky satin-y, silk-y stuff that everyone else seems to choose.

    It mostly looks awful on me. I need structure.


    We got the tank from the Irrigation Warehouse.

    It is 5,000 litres, and we bought it as it was the biggest tank for the best price and availability, and the best sit for the area we had. Other brands tended not to fit so well, so they were our deciding factors. The recent rains have filled it to a guesstimate of 1/3 ( using a technical method of knocking on the tank and listening to where the sound changes density )


    Bobcat man arrived today, and the fence is gone, along with assorted junk, weeds, trees, the hideous Camphor root system ( which went under the footpath and was almost another tree underground -the blokes couldn't believe it ! )

    Here is a pic from when we moved in:

    And today:

    Now, don't be deceived. the first shot might look all 'secret garden', but it was all sick & dying weed trees and strangling overgrown ivy and fallen down fenceline. Our neighbours were quite relieved we were happy to get rid of it, as they were sick of it tumbling into their yard and trying to eat their own plants.

    Parts of it could have been named 'Audrey' ...


    And finally, because I just discovered these, and not by request at all..

    The cards mum bought him.

    Without any encouragement, he's in his room right now, working away on them. I'm amazed !

    I actually thought he'd be a bit too young for these just yet.
    He's never written words before ( besides "A"'s and "X"'s, which he's obsessed with ... ) .. i'm so impressed !)

    Happy Melbourne Cup Day for tomorrow, punters .....
    .... we'll be concreting. Yay !


    Tina O'D said...

    I'm impressed on all counts, you looked great in the outfits, the water tank is biiiiggggg, garden bobcating well done, CB's writing attempts sensational.

    nutmeg said...

    You looked great in both outfits but I particularly liked the one you wore to the hens do - very snazzy (does that term show my age?)

    We are hoping to squeeze in some more tanks down the side of our house - the skinny rectangular modular ones - yeah those!

    And I want the landscapers to start on my front yard! Front yard envy ;-)

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Lovely - you , the garden, the potential of the garden and the genius child

    Stomper Girl said...

    Yikes to the bobcat work, aren't you glad you got someone in to do all that labour? And how hot do you look in your tummy-hugging strapless outfit?? Very impressive.

    tracey petersen said...

    Fabulous filly that you are!

    I agree with you about cotton - I hate any fabric that is 'sticky'...ew!

    Louise said...

    I LOVE the hen's night top - gorgeous!! Can't wait to see new improved front garden - I think it's great to be starting fresh. And what a clever clogs your little man is - I reckon if you make it fun they just get stuck in! Mind you it looks like you spend a lot of time playing great stuff with him - you know that's why first borns rule the world!!

    Aunty Evil said...

    You look just lovely.

    I love your hair. I wish I could get away with it that short.

    Victoria said...

    I suspect your boy is a bit advanced, or maybe very advanced, impressive. You look great!

    Cellobella said...

    The pink top is my favourite - you look great. So... how long to go?

    Melody said...

    You look 'glowing'... (it's a wonder no one before me has said that!)

    Your tank looks nice and big! *yay*

    Your front garden looks like it has lots of potential.

    Your son is too smart!!!

    h&b said...

    I'm glad the pink top is popular.

    I wasn't going to post a pic, as some of you will probably be seeing it in person in a few night's time...

    crafty said...

    Yes, I thought the hen's night get-up was what Stomper said.

    Pink definitely suits you.

    Hmmm, are we meant to be getting dressed up for Thursday? Oh dear.

    h&b said...

    Crafty - it's not as dressy as you might think - cotton pants, a top, and then a demin jacket to top it off.

    It's how I basically always dress ( hence wearing cotton to a wedding ) - everything I own is 'multipurpose' ....

    meggie said...

    You look so well & happy. The pink is lovely.
    Your hair is fantastic.
    Your front garden is sure to be magic.

    Fairlie said...

    I love that pink and white combination - very coconut ice. And you look so lovely.

    Very nice tank - glad to hear it is filling up.

    Lazy cow said...

    You look HOT in that first photo!
    That's a huge tank. You could swim in it.
    I don't have to be jealous of your lovely garden any more: ours is getting done in two weeks.
    And your son, is such a smart little boy.

    Suse said...

    Oh god, what with you in that pink top and nutmeg in her fascinator I'm just going to be the elderly frump in the corner.

    The elderly frump coming straight from WORK no less. Great.

    shula said...

    Cotton is not okay for evening wear?

    Man, no one ever told me...

    KikiMiss said...

    Wow...the word cards are excellent. Really though, it's a credit to you as a Mother who puts so much time and effort into her child (as any parent should do).

    PS: You look so fantastic I can't find any better word to describe your two piccies. Lucky, lucky you! And and baby pink really suit.

    Joke said...

    This will not, alas, come across as a compliment (although I mean it as one):

    Pregnancy suits you.

    Hiding now,


    jorth said...

    Awwww - check out that lovely glow of yours!

    Claire Falkingham said...

    My God, that house - looks to be a 1930's classic?? Lucky you if that is the case - I adore P&O style houses. I hear you on the cotton, almost always my first choice day or night.

    My float said...

    Wow, you look amazing, belly and all.

    Love the tank...we have to work out where we're going to put ours.

    Ooh, garden work. Yay.

    My float said...

    And as for the boy, he's amazing! They're fantastic at this age, aren't they? He's going to make you so incredibly proud. said...

    Hello there - have been meaning to respond to your comment on my blog and answer your question!

    We own Perama Greek Restaurant in Petersham, Sydney - thanks for the congrats on the Hat...
    cheers Belinda :)

    Beautiful blog by the way.

    telfair said...

    I've said it before and I will say it again -- you are so freaking cute!!

    I only HOPE that I am half as cute as you are when I am expecting.

    That first outfit is just tops.

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