Monday, October 01, 2007


    I like clean, and I like neat.

    I like 'stylin' my home and used to enjoy mags like Home Beautiful and Inside/Out .. before I could collect images online and from blogs/flickr. I like things to look a certain way.

    Sooooo, anyway.
    The bath this house came with ( original 1950's I think ) always looks unclean. It bothers me, but no matter what I use, the stains remain.
    It looked grotty.

    So today, I went all high-powered bleach.
    Which turned the MILD, almost-invisible-in-retrospect streaking rust red. And horrendous.

    Actually, even this picture looks quite mild, whereas in real life, it looks like I sacrificed a goat in there.


    There's no way i'm letting anyone in to use the bathroom now.

    Any hints ?

    ( oh, and the new heating/cooling system stopped working last night, just when it got quite cool, and the new fence is getting more bitter and twisted by the day. For the former, we're calling the supplier - bet it's nothing.

    For the second though, we need to find the correct ombudsman, as Yassou-Man won't return our calls, and besides, he was so goddamn nasty-scary-threatening on our last encounter, I don't want anything else to do with him )


    Sheeps Clothing said...

    I've consulted my housewife's bible aka Spotless.
    They say use CLR on rust stains on toilet bowls. I think it would probably do the job for you. Its pretty toxic stuff though, so in your "delicate state" you might want to rope the husband in to do it.

    My float said...

    And here I was thinking you FINALLY got some morning sickness.

    (PS I agree with sheeps clothing - be careful of using intensive cleaners at the moment)

    Gemini said...

    I agree - I've used CLR in the past and it does work well, but it's *definitely* a job for someone else! Good luck!

    Melody said...

    Oh my. Oh. My. Shit alright. *panic stations*

    Rope the hubby into using the CLR as the other 3 above me have requested.

    Best of luck otherwise it might be a case of a)painting the bath b)getting a roll of white contact and contacting the bath c)CLR or d)its time for a new bath.

    h&b said...

    Thanks all - i'll try the CLR first, if that doesn't work, i'll spraypaint it ( done that before ).

    Won't re-enamel or get a new bath though ... as this room will possibly be a walk-in robe at some time in the future - ie: will not be spending money on it...

    emma said...

    Not sure who Yassou Man is, but we had the dodgiest bloody fence guy too! He wasn't scary, he loved a chat but he made promises that he turned out to have NO intention of fulfilling. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH. Should've with-held payment, but we were too trusting by half.
    Suckers! That's us.

    Janet said...

    It's probably the same as bleach, but I've found napisan (or the no name version) gets the bath pretty clean. I know this because when I'm feeling housewifely, I bleach our charming old retro but eaten on plates in the bath. Although we don't have rust, just grot.

    But spraypainting a bath, that sounds like a trick I should know.

    h&b said...

    emma - click on 'yassou man' in the text, I linked back the drama with him.

    Janet - I spraypainted a whole khaki concrete bathroom as a temp measure - just to make it livable. I had blue snot in my tissues for MONTHS ;) I'm the slackest DIY'er ;)

    Corrie said...

    um uh oh ! s**t hit the bath not the fan...thats what it looks like to me! glad you own the house and its not a rental

    dottycookie said...

    Oh blimey - I have no suggestions but can imagine how annoyed you must be by that! Good luck with getting it sorted.

    Jenny said...

    What a classic - the first part of this post could have been written by me!! ( I have the same bathroom ) The second half of this blog I will take as a warning not to bother cleaning said bathroom as it obviously only makes things worse! I'll go out for coffee instead.

    crafty said...

    I'm with Jenny.

    Although you could try bicarb soda. Boring I know, but I find it very good for lots of things, probably not rust though.

    And since you like clean so much, you know how plastic can get dirty looking? Bi-carb soda will make it look like new again. Just sprinkle some on a damp sponge.

    One day I might even try it myself.

    Stomper Girl said...

    I looked up my "Speed Cleaning" book which is ALL about bicarb and white vinegar, and they say do not use bleach or if you must use it diluted!! Then they recommend glycerine and denture cleaner for bathtubs where bleach has caused problems. I don't know if these things are compatible with pregnancy.

    Violet & Rose said...

    Have no idea what to do with your bath, but sounds like you have that one sorted. We are about to start ripping our house apart next week, and your tales of Yassou Man and the like just scare the be-jesus out of me. Although I have had "Roof Tiler Man on Speed" and "Electrician who never billed us". You kind of want your electrician to bill you though, don't you?

    meggie said...

    CLR, but only with gloves & mask, watching hubby do the administering!
    Yassou-man needs a rocket up the Khyber.

    Gina said...

    Wow, bleach did that! Interesting indeed. Hmmm, oxy clean? Mr Clean Magic Sponge? About the shopping post...I'm there too. It's all online for me but even then, I've kind of abandoned the concept at the moment. Looking forward to perhaps rewarding myself with a Boden "wardrobe" (coupla shirts) after the nipper is born (incentive to get some semblance of a body back).

    Holly & Scolly said...

    How about a new bath?

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Yes like Stomper Girl I would have consulted Shannon Lush but she has done it for me - although I suspect bicarb and vinegar won't cut it with the "blood bath"... so whilst husband is still in a good mood from Geelong's win perhaps he'll be happy to undertake the CLR solution.

    Your fencing guy sounds very scary

    plum said...

    We followed the advice in Spotless to get out a tea stain and now I could quote your words with respect to the bath stain to my carpet "Which turned the MILD, almost-invisible-in-retrospect streaking rust red"!

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    re your fence, I think VCAT is what you are after.

    jorth said...

    My dad killed a rat in our bathtub once - it pretty much looked like that!

    Cathy said...

    no idea - but i just wanted to say i sympathise - the last house we lived in had a terrible mould problem in the bathroom and no matter how much i cleaned that shower and basin, it always looked DISGUSTING! I used to be petrified that guests would want to use the bathroom - the bathroom was not very big and the toilet was directly in front of shower - so guests had a great view of my unclean bathroom! aaarrrghhhh!

    shula said...

    Have you tried painting it?

    Apparently, it's a special paint you buy. I had a friend who painted hers blue, and it was so beautiful, I never forgot.

    Of course, it might take a few coats.

    h&b said...

    Hey "Anon" - hate to delete you, but I majored in Psych at Uni too, and at least I put my name to my comments :)

    Next time, don't be so ashamed, ok ?!

    Sassafrass said...

    My name is Sassafrass. Of course, I expected you to delete it. It wasn't meant to be insulting, justa comment about something real. This space is designed to project a certain image of yourself out there, into the world. You are doing a good job of that. We all believe you are okay, there is no need for defences. I wish you nothing but genuine and lasting peace. For your family, too.

    h&b said...

    Sass -

    I wouldn't have deleted it except for the 'anon' part ... which made me squint my eyes a little and think 'hmmm' ??!?!

    I do enjoy beauty around me - it makes me ( and my family ;) happy, it lifts my spirits. This doesn't mean my house is anal or spotless or that there is not crumbs all over the kitchen bench right now, or toys scattered about.

    But ugliness, junk, mess and ugh can make me despair and reflect on my moods.

    I prefer to be happy :)

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