Friday, September 21, 2007


    Last Night:

    Reading a "Good Weekend" from July, eating a divine Chicken Rogan Josh I made ( sorry, no recipe, I tend to cook by memory and availability ), and enjoying a glass of red wine ( pregnancy purists need not comment, it's the odd glass and some believe it's even good for you ! )


    - How good is "Damages" ?!?!?
    It's been a long time since a show actually has me saying "freaking wow" and wondering what the hell is going to happen next, to who, and how it's all linked. love it.

    My Son:

    - is going through a creative/learning/sponge spurt and is freaking me out daily.
    Which persona will I awake to next ? Every day it's a new 'gimmick', new son....

    - First there was 'shortcut' day, where every action was preceded by the words "i'm taking a shortcut to.. ( the fridge/ the toilet etc ) " Bizarre.

    - We play "Sooty" almost daily ( that's "footy" ) and it used to be so simple - kick-to-kick.
    Now I find i'm having a pretend whistle being blown on me for imaginary infringements - not standing in the correct position, not kicking in the right direction etc, and goals have been introduced, plus imaginary 'bad men' who tackle us at every opportunity.
    I can blame his father for that one. He's a mad Cats supporter, so we're watching a lot of sooty on the teev at the moment ...

    I, of course, read or play on the computer ...

    - Yesterday was 'gidyap' day as we rode imaginary horses everywhere.
    I got in trouble ( i'm always in trouble ) for not tethering mine properly.
    Man, it's an imaginary horse, tied with imaginary rope, how the hell can I get it wrong ?!?!?

    - The 'why' stage .... but it's not annoying, it's cute, because he says 'wot' instead, and sounds like a mini Jamie Oliver.
    "But wot, Mummy ? Wot ?"

    Finally, this morning, i'm having kisses blown at me and he is saying Bonjour!.
    Bonjour ?!?!?! We're not French, we don't watch French Progamming or speak languages.
    Again, I am flamoozled. Spanish I could understand, thanks to Dora & Diego, but French !?!?
    He said he learned it 'from the shops', which is a standard reply rather than a truthful one.

    If he wasn't in my care 24/7, i'd be able to dismiss it as something from somewhere else .. but as his world is my world ... it's bizarre ....


    Aunty Evil said...

    Oooh, maybe he is channelling...

    Melody said...

    Amazing sponges aren't they? Maybe he only heard it once on the telly and picked it up. Monet does that. I recited the alphabet to her ONCE and she says it ALL PERFECTLY when she walks around the place saying it. WHy can't my brain be a sponge like that? Mine's now all gooey.

    Uli said...

    Definitely a sponge.

    And yes, Damages is amazing.

    crafty said...

    Very funny!

    meggie said...

    Yes, to Damages! Got me really hooked! Glenn Close is a far too convincing bad guy!
    And these kids... it is a mystery where they do get these things. SG is all Technique, & peculiar, & Instructions, System.?? No one is quite sure where it is coming from, but he does go to Pre School.

    kylie said...

    oh yes we watched DAMAGES the other night and loved it very much... i can see i am going to get very addicted... kinda like greys anatomy addicted

    tracey petersen said...

    I'm waiting for the whole season of damages to come out on DVD and then I'll watch it, but only if it has a conclusion within the season. I hate the 'lost phenomena' where there is a mysterious and never named force at play. It annoys the crap out of me to never actually get an answer, but wait 16 weeks to see if there might be one. (that's a rant for free - like it?)

    Boys love to have rules when they play, but not actually tell you the rules until you have broken them.

    KikiMiss said...

    I'm charging a glass of red to you right now and those purists can visit me - I'm still breastfeeding!! I do partake after feeds if that matters to anyone ;-)

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Oh go the imagination - long may it continue - as it will provide you with much pleasure.

    Oh my lord your TMI comment.

    I am still recovering.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Flamoozled is a good word.

    I do think 3 is a lovely age, all that learning they do starts to erupt out in the most bizarre ways.

    I hope you've worked on your tethering technique, you do not want a runaway imaginary horse.

    My float said...

    Perhaps you speak French in your sleep!!

    Ha, he sounds absolutely darling. Please, can we swap? My one isn't too bad, if you can just ignore the 666 on his forehead.

    Damages is great. Rose Byrne and Glenn Close are amazing actresses.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    "from the shops" I love it, I'm going to start using that one at home myself.

    Lazy cow said...

    Three year old boys are darling, but a total mystery. Nothing my daughter did at that age surprised me, but all bets are off with my son! And it only gets more interesting as they get older.

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