Saturday, September 22, 2007


    Planted the peach and the nectarine trees today.
    I'm nothing if not impatient.

    I basically did it all with a little trowel, like someone digging their way out of prison, as I was too pitifully weak and girly to operate a proper spade.

    But I hate making AB do stuff i'm perfectly capable of myself. Especially as most 'projects' are mine, and he gets such little time off work.

    Also made a little brick border thingo in front of the greenhouse for some lavender that were suffering elsewhere.
    I really love having a large stockpile of bricks handy for temp projects ( you might remember, I dug them all out of the backyard, from garden borders long forgotten and grown over. )

    The fruit trees/saplings have SO MANY new Spring shoots, I almost wet myself in excitement looking at them.

    The tag says it will be 20years until they're full-grown, but I wonder how long it will be until they sorta look like they won't snap in half ?

    Finally, a 'party' we had today with 'all of our friends' ( they're all sitting behind their allocated SportsCandy - see them ? ).

    Considering they were all our Mother's Group pals, I must say, it was the quietest MG meet ever, and everyone was so polite - they all belched after eating, naturally, but all said "Pardon Me!" very politely, one after another ( it's hard to do unison when you're just one voice )


    Lazy cow said...

    Oh darling girl, once you have your 2nd child you WILL wet yourself with excitement.
    Tree looks great, I need to get your advice when we FINALLY get our garden (hopefully before Christmas!)

    Janet said...

    I love that shot of your backyard, it looks ginourmous ;).

    Our apricot tree took about five years to be good. The plum and apple each went in winter before last and aren't doing much. Not as good possie and not enough water. And maybe not the trailer load of manure a fiend gave me as a birthday present five years ago... (the best pressie).

    joanne said...

    today was a fab day to be out in the garden - we too attempted to make some headway into the abyss called our garden ! have to agree with lazy cow also - sorry.

    Aunty Evil said...

    Oooh, I love that cake plate!

    Pity there isn't any cake on it...

    But still.

    tracey petersen said...

    We planted skinny spindly trees ten years ago. They are giants now!

    Stomper Girl said...

    The trees look fabulous. Imagine when you have your own nectarines growing!!

    I would have made Fixit plant them for me though, regardless of how much work he does. Especially if I was in a 'delicate condition' like you are right now.

    posiepatchwork said...

    Oh to plant a tree you can watch grow, how divine. I love my life, but we move every 2-3 years with the Army. That said, we're currently in Darwin (tropics) & recently planted some Disney Princess flowers. The packet said to allow 40 days for germination, but with our hot house climate, we had sprouts in 5 days. Our children were bursting with delight, we have 4 schoolies. Happy pregnancy, love Posie

    meggie said...

    How lovely to be planting trees. Even more lovely to think you will probably still be there to watch them mature.
    We moved so much, over the years, it has been a thrill for me to remain for 10 years in one home! And watch some trees grow.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    Yes as Janet said your back yard does look very big - so that having those trees grow and mature should be amazing. Will any of them be big enough to put one of those rope swings in? I have always wanted one of those - for me as much as for the kids.

    VictoriaE said...

    Hmm, those apples look quite conceptual. You backyard is looking good.

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