Thursday, August 30, 2007

    Gifties !

    Wow, have we been really lucky this week !

    First, a girlfriend popped around the other day. Her mum has just sold her house and was having a garage/downsizing sale, and so she snaffled me her old sewing machine.

    Just like that, for free, gratis.
    No reason besides the fact I don't have one.

    How nice is that ?!

    I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, as there's a very keen boy who wants to check it out too, and seeing the last time I sewed was in Yr8 thereabouts, I really want some alone time with it...

    Then mum popped over last night with a pressie for the boy.
    Again, no reason - just something she saw she liked.

    It's a Trunki - Ride-On Kid's Luggage !
    Mum actually didn't know, but I had cut an image of this 'suitcase' out of a magazine, and it was on my fridge as one of those items you admire, but will probably never buy.

    Very cool indeed !
    The boy spent all last night stuffing it with toys and blankies, snapping it shut, then trundling around on it, while we tried to hear Spicks & Specks ( AB was out, otherwise we would have been watching "House" ) over the noise.

    All this and a ride on a plane too, to the beesh.



    kootoyoo said...

    Yay, the sewing machine is a beauty - you'll have lots of fun with that. I also recently saw & admired the trunki - it is so cool.


    Fairlie said...

    Very cool trunki!

    Have fun with your sewing machine! I've just got mine set up (it was also gratis...a kind of permanent loan)...but am waiting for some alone time to do something with it.

    Enjoy the beesh.

    Tina O'D said...

    Trunki beats the bucket and spade set I had predicted. How cool!

    Have a great trip.

    joanne said...

    I want a trunki!!

    tracey petersen said...

    very cool all round!

    meggie said...

    Great machine- you will be whipping up quilts in no time!
    And love the truki!!

    Have fun at the beesh.

    bluemountainsmary said...

    I love those trunkis too - but like you would not have bought it myself - and I suspect my three are just a little too old for them - damn it.

    Have a lovely beesh holiday

    Melody said...

    Oww a sewing machine!! Lovely.

    I bought for Monet's b'day LAST year one of those kiddies suitcases (a Barbie one). We have had such good use out of it... And she loves it to bits. I will always have the image of the 3 of us in Brisbane with each of us pulling along our seperate 3 suitcases, first Lyndon, then I then Monet. You can only *imagine* the smiles we got! You will too.

    Enjoy your time at the beech. Ain't life great?

    Stomper Girl said...

    Do they make trunkis for grown-ups? How cool would that be?

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    I need a grown up version of that Trunki.

    muser said...

    I've seen those Trunki's before. Very practical when you're stuck in an airport line. I would love one for F when we go to Fiji this year. Hmm. ;)

    Damselfly said...

    I love that Trunki!

    And I love the word snaffled. I'll have to try it out myself sometime. Have fun sewing!

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