Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Got Motivation ?

    Found this link over at Blue Moon Girl.

    Pic is from Friday.

    The boy had been nagging Daddy all week:
    "Golf ? Golf, Daddy ? Daddy, Golf ?"

    I must admit, the kid's not bad ... ;)


    Stomper Girl said...

    I saw that link to but I couldn't think of anything clever to do with it. I LOVE what you made. You should have followed your dream with the copy-writing gig.

    And oh my God check out your little golfer boy. So cute he's edible.

    Blue Moon Girl said...

    I couldn't think of anything clever either! I love what you thought of! And the pic is simply adorable!

    Anonymous said...

    the picture is great, looks very talented, good swing for a 2 year old

    Tracey Petersen said...

    I can only imagine how very serious that little face is as he hits the ball.

    meggie said...

    I love that pic! You are so talented with your photos.
    Great swing by the look of it!

    Kim said...

    Golf and tennis, if you want to be kept the way you wish to be accustomed, get your kids into golf or tennis.

    jorth said...

    Geez - the kid's got a better technique than me!

    Melody said...

    Hehe! Great swing!

    My float said...

    Look at the swing on that kid!!
    Fast forward 18 years and you and hubby will be living in a style to which you could both become accustomed, courtesy of your little golfer.

    Joke said...

    Whew! I thought I was the only one with a child golfer...


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