Tuesday, February 06, 2007


    One year since I started blogging yesterday.

    222 Posts.

    This morning I was composing a reflective little piece, but in the midst of this little self-indulgence, things changed ...

    I was reminded of this little incident at 11mo old.
    See that gaping hole in that glass ?
    It is where I plucked my son from. He made that hole with his head.
    A jagged shard remained suspended above his eye, threatening blindness, or worse. Lucky the shock rendered him motionless.
    There was no real damage.

    This morning, he was in the kitchen.
    The kitchen with the cupboards at a height to take out a toddler's eye.
    I hate them, they are an accident waiting to happen, and I am always crying out "Bubby, watch those cupboards!" as he does a crazy dance through on his way to his room.

    Ok, so I should shut them.
    It's mainly the toaster cupboard that's the culprit.
    In the mornings. When you're not sure if you'd like an extra piece of toast ? So you leave it there, at right angles. Ready to take out a pre-schooler. For no good reason.

    Today mum was washing some glasses, I was here, being important, and the Master was 'flipping' some coins in his frypan, like they were pancakes.
    This kid can jump.
    No-one saw it coming. The low crouch, the springbok leap, the *smash* right under a cupboard door. At full force. On the corner.
    Blood. Lots of blood :(

    Anyway, i've been feeling rather sick all day.

    Guilt-sick probably. The boy is fine, although he got to eat jelly-snakes for breakfast and lunch, and icecream for dinner. Other than that we did normal things, and I obsessed over whether to take him to the Drs or not ( I didn't want to, as I just felt they'd want to prod and hurt him more, and probably stitch him.
    Sorry, but there's many a place i've been advised to stitch, i've declined too ( the needle !!!! ), and it's worked out just fine, no scarring )

    And yes, I *know* - please no comments on the importance of Drs and head injuries. Really.

    So I checked his pupils, checked his co-ordination all day, monitored his late-afternoon sleep etc ... and once the blood was bathed away ( thanks mum ! ), it all didn't seem so bad.

    Still, I probably won't sleep much tonight.

    Sorry Bubby ! :((


    Melody said...

    Oh no! Well, believe it or not we had Little Monet here late this afternoon screaming/crying as she fell of a chair onto the concrete tiles outside. I saw it happening but couldn't stop it. There was a sickening 'crack' as her head hit the tiles then the screaming! She was fine though about 5 minutes later and back to her normal self. Phew. I hate accidents, I really do...

    meggie said...

    He will be ok, with Mum & Granmum to watch him carefully.

    Violet & Rose said...

    I think it's great that you bought your son the wig to wear to cover the scars.
    Happy Blogiversary, and here's to many more.

    Cellobella said...

    Guilt is a wasted emotion and... guilt is being a parent.

    And sometimes the hard truth is that kids have got to experience stuff to learn it.

    You would rather they just listened to you but failing that - at least you were there.

    :) CB

    Janet said...

    Oh no! Glad he's OK though. We're not big on Doctors either (all those germs in the waiting room, yech), it sounds like you knew what to do anyway.

    We have issues with couch jumping and bed diving too. Not to mention table climbing (so not allowed) and the great outdoors. All accidents waiting to happen... But what can you do?

    So, a year of blogging eh? Happy Bloggiversary then!

    caramaena said...

    Happy Bloggiversary!

    I know that guilt well. When mine was learning to walk he managed to pull a dining room chair over and smacked himself fair in the nose. It looked very flat and I was sure it was broken. He seemed fine but I took him in to be sure (like I said it looked very flat). The docs said it was fine and no broken nose since bones at that age are very flexible.

    It just makes you sick with guilt though. Hope your little one continues to be perfectly fine.

    msdramateacherlady said...

    Oh goodness! I'm sure all will be fine. Funny how they are so resilent at that age. If only we could be.

    tommiea said...

    First, I found your blog from Katherine's Lost in Suburbia.

    happy blogaversary! I just started recently. I hope I make it a year!

    Hope the little man is feeling better.

    Surfing Free said...

    Argh! Head injuries are the worst. And the guilt is double the worst!

    I pursuaded Miss N to ride of my back about 6 months ago thinking it would all sorts of fun ... which it was until she came a cropper and smacked her head on a door frame. It came up in a huge lump. She cried, I cried, but it was okay in the end.

    I think their heads are just made for bumping. Nothing much we Mums can do about it.

    plum said...

    F and I were talking on the weekend about the things we still feel sick with guilt about.

    Some of them have taught us valuable lessons (such as a noisy child CAN sneak silently into the front yard) and others really couldn't have been avoided. It goes with being a parent, but my it's hard.

    Gina said...

    Boy I feel for you on that one. When Luke was 14 months he had a tumble that was pretty scary and while it's impossible for mama to forsee it all, that guilt-sick feeling looms. But that's what makes you a great mama in the end. : ) As far as doctors - you're instints usually kick in there. You're guilt-sick feeling will go away and bet he's already forgotten come play time tomorrow.

    Gina said...


    Gina said...


    shellyC said...

    Happy Blog Anniversary.

    It sounds like you are feeling worse than your son! Which I can totally understand. Hope you both are feeling extra great today.

    tracey petersen said...

    He has probably forgotten already. You will suffer for longer than he does. We all need a few battle scars to tell the story of our lives!

    cartolyn said...

    Well a Happy Blogiversary and I'm sorry things didn't go too well! Don't worry too much about the head, head injuries do bleed an awful lot and can look far worse than they are. Just keep an eye on him. Taking him to the Drs or A&E would be far more stressful. Don't feel guilty some little kids are always hurting themselves.

    My float said...

    Oh, my stomach dropped. Poor bub and poor you.

    Wow, didn't he put a hole in that glass. What a head! What an impressive wound!

    I've been there too, my then 18 month old son thought connecting his forehead with a full brick wall was a good idea. I had to take mine to hospital because he lost consciousness a couple of times afterwards. Within an hour (probably less!) he was running around the children's emergency ward despite the gaping wound in his forehead which made him look like an extra from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They patched him up and then the doctor recommended plastic surgery. PLASTIC SURGERY!

    I agree with the others - guilt is part of all of us. I felt guilty about the accident too. But what's the point? Accidents are part of growing up. I lost count of the times I went to hopsital as a child. The one thing the doctor said that freaked me out was, "congratulations. this is the first of many."

    Speaking of congratulations, a year of blogging! Hooray! Keep writing, I love reading.

    Em said...

    Poor little fellow. I'm glad you had an iceblock to cheer him up.

    Happy blogiversary!

    Stomper Girl said...

    Poor little man and poor YOU! Bumps on the head are worrying enough, but blood as well! I would have felt sick too. Hope he is feeling better - I've heard jelly-snakes are very medicinal.

    Congrats on your bloggiversary, love your work.

    joanne said...

    Yuk I cringed when I was reading that - I think I felt the bang on his head! Stitches overrated - Mum knows best!

    Muzbot said...

    Happy "Bloggiversary".

    And... OUCH! I remember smashing into all sorts of things when I was growing up. I'd say it was just a boy thing, but I recall my sisters often needing more stitches than I ever did. But head injuries are a part of childhood. I turned out alright... Ummmm, hold that thought... Are you sure you shouldn't take him to a doctor? :)

    jorth said...


    VictoriaE said...

    Congratulations on your bloggiversay! These are awful child injuries.. but at least you got pictures of it all to show them when they're older.

    Lazy cow said...

    Oh dear, poor baby. I'm sure he's fine now though :-) My son fell off the couch onto his head when he was six WEEKS old. Did I feel like a terrible mother or what? (He was fine). Happy belated blogoversary.

    shopper said...

    Happy Blogaversary a little late! Here's to many more.

    Crashes are always scary. Hope he's ok. And you too! :)

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