Thursday, January 25, 2007


    What a difference a drop of rain makes !

    I love getting out in the garden in fine weather. I am mainly a potterer, rather than anyone with real knowledge or technique. Basically, I like stuff that looks good without too much effort, and herbs. And stuff.

    The Master's in on the gig too, and I thought it was high-time he had his own plants to look after and/or mistreat, as is his will.
    It so happened yesterday, when walking home from MG, that we collected some seeds, and also those from our grape-tomato inclusive lunch. We planted them today. Lotso fun.

    That is RECYCLED water in the can. In case anyone was wondering. We shower with a bucket. As you do when you don't have fancy greywater catchment systems in place.

    Painted some old plumbing pipes. They'll make cool 'tall' pots. Somewhere.

    My fave pots are the old chimney pots I painted up from a previous house. They look pretty cool, and I like to 'take' something from places I have lived. For some reason it's always a gardening/yard piece. I like looking at things in my garden and thinking about their journey.

    I love this splash of colour from over the fence. Goes well with the sky ..

    Spring Onions in seed.


    Wes said...

    What can I say but you take fantastic photographs! It would seem that we've all had a little bit of rain lately, and boy don't we need it!

    velcro said...

    the FB would be so jealous of your little one. He is desperate to have a garden so he can plant seeds.

    meggie said...

    Love your little man!
    Lovely photographs too.
    I was going to get SG some radish seeds to plant- they grow so quickly, so they are a good starter.
    DJ planted some flower seeds, & they also had tomatoes, & SG was just fascinated. took me out to show me the 'dragons' in the garden! They were Snapdragon flowers.

    Melody said...

    How sweet that your Little One is involved in the 'pottering'. I'm not much of a gardener, as much as I would like to be. I do love taking photos of gardens though, especially my parents garden in rural Victoria. Great piccies.

    dancingmorganmouse said...

    Pottering in the garden is one of the great joys of life. No stress or hassle, put something in the ground, if it grows great, if it doesn't, well just try something else.

    VictoriaE said...

    I love that idea of "taking" something from each place you live, looking at it and pondering the journey - very poetic. And the fruit salad looks stylish too.

    Tracey Petersen said...

    My son loved the garden at this age too. He carried a trowel with him at all times and left little holes where ever he went.

    Stomper Girl said...

    Kids in the garden are a good thing! It helps that you are obviously someone who loves gardening too.

    I think the idea of taking something from each house is fantastic.

    Pendullum said...

    How utterly beautiful...
    I am living with freezing rain and a foot of snow...
    It is so wonderful to see such glorious colour!!!

    carolyn said...

    It is lovely to see such light and summery images, things are still a little grey here in England.

    nutmeg said...

    I love, love, love, being in the garden with the girls. It's such good together time. They roam about with spray bottles filled with water and spray everything in sight.

    Your little man looks like he's in the swing of things. I like your ideas for splashes of colour throughout the garden. I always think of different coloured flowering plants. But a feature wall painted (as you've done before) or those tall pot stands are great ideas.

    verniciousknids said...

    Glad to hear there's finally been some rain!

    BTW I finally got my A into G and posted my response to your tag.

    Surfing Free said...

    Very nice! I love gardening but only when I have the time. I hate rushing about inbetween kids' sleep to get potting soil out, seedlings in, and everything packed away! Gardening should be leisurely and relaxing.

    Having said that, we are about to embark on a (long-awaited) front garden redesign thanks to the humble powers of our own (well-paid) team of gardeners. I can't wait!

    Joke said...

    Onion blossoms are outrageously good in quiches & savo(u)ry tarts.


    My float said...

    Lovely photos. And great idea for the pipes, I'll be adopting that, thanks very much! (When we move, that is. When we finally FINALLY find a damn house. Which by the looks of it, isn't going to be any time soon.)

    My son got a few gardening things (tools, can, seeds, pots) for his birthday. Can't wait till we MOVE so he can put them into action. (Can you sense a theme here? Oh, I should stop hijacking your post!)

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