Monday, December 11, 2006

    Rocky Mountain High

    The heat combined with gardening ( plus a few after-work bevvies ) have been making me pass out well before my regular bedtime. I've always been a night-owl, and especially before any big 'do', it allows me to do any quiet preparations ( like boiling potatoes for salad ), and cleaning windows ( I think they're dirty again ;) in peace.

    So we had a few of my old workmates over yesterday.
    In 42degree heat.
    The deck was scorching, and I had to lay down beach towels so the virginal skin of the babes did not sear and stick to it. It was hot.
    The wading pool was the place to be seen, in the only shade in my bare, open, dry and barren backyard. Hot.

    So anyway, it wasn't like I had to put in a big effort .. prepare burgers ( check ! ), boil taties, eggs, and fry some bacon for potato salad ( check ! ), wrap corn parcels for the BBQ ( check ! ) and prepare a mixed garden salad, put out starters like hommus and turkish bread .. and finally, assemble a Pav ( ie: throw cream and fruit on top of a bakery-bought shell .. )

    I was supposed to do the burgers and potato salad the night before, but I just *had* to watch "The John Denver Story", which was REALLY badly acted by Chad Lowe ( the not-so-good-looking brother of bad boy Rob ). Some Canadian model played his Australian ex-wife, and they portrayed them meeting in a typical ( ha! ) outback pub. I think she introduced herself by saying something like "G'day Cobber, howzabout a wazza-wazza, shing-ding, ding-dong ?!" .. or something equally as laughable. It was highly addictive, in a car-wreck kind of way. The songs were good though, despite Chad's miming. Anyway ... I passed out blissfully on the couch, somewhere in West Virginia ....

    So cut to Sunday, and basically, I think I needed a P.A. to tell me things like "people need cutlery", and "why is there no green salad?", and finally "what, no Pav?" Sigh.

    I said to AB afterwards that I think my hostessing skills get worse and worse with every wazza-wazza shing-ding. We never did serve the Pav, and he forgot to cook the corn parcels.
    People seemed to survive on the sausages though, and we were saved by the thoughtful offerings OTHER people brought along. Ahhh ...

    Today the cool change came through, and it was bizarre that yesterday the kids were all basically nude, and today we're in long-sleeved shirts...

    So Daddy was home today - a surprise and welcome day off, and the first time we've seen him on consecutive days for a long time! We'd promised the Master a train ride to his Grandparent's house ( who happen to be only a few stops on the same line as us - although i'm sure the boy would have preferred they lived further away - a longer train ride would have been the big bonus ! :)

    So that's what we did, and it was his first ride on a regular, commuter train.
    He loved it.
    We're going to take more train trips in future .. to any destination/thing to do that happens to be walking distance from a station.

    Good cheap fun if you're not a regular commuter.


    Anonymous said...

    Ohh, GORGEOUS photo of your little one. Soooo cute. (Maybe he and Monet could hook up!) It's great fun being able to give your child new expereinces like train rides, buses etc.,. Our Monet has been on planes, trains, boats etc., She's an old hand at the age of 2 years and 3 months.

    Man, 42 degrees was HOT hey? That was like NYE last year in Melb last year. Dreadful. And today back into your long sleeved skivvies. Typical Melb.

    Glad you survived your BBQ, minus a few items. Oh well. Guess you'll be having Corn for dinner, followed by Pav for desserts for the following few days eh? Yum.

    caramaena said...

    Awww what a cutie :)

    My little one loves trains too. We occasionally go into the city on the train. Just so he can have a ride.

    meggie said...

    Who wouldnt love a train trip-- if you didnt HAVE to!
    He is so gorgeous.

    Lazy cow said...

    Lovely photo. The Boy and I did the train thing on Friday: just caught the tram to the train station, went into the city, strolled down Southbank looking at the ferries, and back home again. Fun.
    I *hate* entertaining and have an early Christmas dinner this Sat and the Boy's birthday on Monday. I'm so looking forward to next Tuesday!!

    Angry Dad said...

    I shouldn't complain about the heat up here, but then again, you don't have the humidity! I take it it has been pretty smoky down there too, with all the fires around.

    The Melbourne trains are pretty good, and seem to be reasonably reliable as well. Sounds like lots more train adventures are to come. You should take him to Lower Eltham Park sometime too, for the steam train rides!

    Anonymous said...

    We did a lot of these little trips in NY and Brussels - the kids loved it! I haven't done it here yet but I'm planning a tram trip from the city to the beach - I always loved that as a child.

    Stomper Girl said...

    That is a lovely photo of your Train Boy. My boys are also huge fans of all things railway, and love a journey on the trains or trams. One day we want to do the Puffing Billy thing, I hope before they turn 18 ...

    Anonymous said...

    There are "fancy" BBQs and then there are the simple "snags on a roll" sort. Either one is good if you're sharing the time with friends and family. Although, missing out on pav would have been very disapointing... MMMmmmm.

    suburban mom said...

    Wow, I am such not a night owl. That's why I'm on the 'puter at night. Ijust curl up in bed - I hate doing anything else. And we are sooo cold here (well cold for Cali) and I miss the summer.

    Your boy is too cute :)

    Anonymous said...

    Train rides yay. My little Zee is too young to appreciate the city trains. But I sit up with excitement (the stereotypical country-girl) and gaze out into the innersuburban back and front yards and marvel at the tall buildings and grafitti.

    carolyn said...

    That first train ride is such fun.

    shellyC said...

    LOVE your garden transformation!
    My son loves trains too and buses and anything that moves and is big!!

    I have had similar things happen at bbqs we have hosted. Open the oven the next morning and there is a huge platter of roasted vegies! I make a point now of making the guests feel welcome by saying quite often "Help yourself. Help yourself to anything you want and look for it if you can't find it!"

    Kirsty said...

    Sounds like the BBQ went alright regardless of the heat etc. I love the Melbourne trains too, and that Spencer St station Like how much did that cost the people of Melbourne. Amazing!!
    Love the garden make over. What colour is the pink door now??

    My float said...

    (Sweating) I'm trying to stop myself...I can't...oh no, it's coming out...

    "Some days are diamonds..."

    Oh dear. That's done it. I expect I won't hear from you again!!

    Your little boy is so gorgeous. Mine loves train rides too. Sometimes he even sits down! I remember sitting on a train with my mum before I went to school and looking at everything flashing by. It was magic.

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