Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    For my Sister:

    Seeing this:

    Reminded me of this:

    ha !


    Anonymous said...

    Crikey! A reel kulcharul ambazzada!

    (Read it aloud and then it'll make some sense?!)

    meggie said...

    Very Good!!

    My float said...

    Just wondering: exactly how many nuts has that beautiful child squirrelled away in those cheeks?!

    How gorgeous is he. The one thing about mine is that he has no cheeks to pinch. Lucky for him, I guess!

    Anonymous said...

    A wondrous picture of concentration dahhhhhling :-)

    Stomper Girl said...

    Are you going to see Edna? We went once, she was just fantastic. Wished we could have been down the front to catch a gladi at the end.
    Master B seriously cute and looks as if he's deciding which is the best night to go.

    h&b said...

    No, not going to see Edna .. would love to, think it would be great, but lack of slush funds.

    We used to own that Les Patterson book pictured. As were the days, our entertainment came cheaply, and for some reason, we found this book very 'naughty' and oh-so-funny.

    We also had "Goodies" books, Monty Python books, and a picture book featuring members of the 80's Labor Party with captions.

    Thus was my childhood ;)

    Tsk !

    Stomper Girl said...

    I wondered what the reminding bit was about. Now I know!

    h&b said...

    yes, well, my sister replied to me via email .. what a wasted post .. she could have shared her witty memories here, but no.

    If you're reading K .. well .. NO MORE POSTS ODE TO YOU ... they're simply wasted ...

    *miffed* !

    Pendullum said...

    What is he doing to that poor Koala Bear????

    Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

    ...Or, you could ask, is it what the koala's doing to Sir Les that's giving him that ghastly grin?

    (can't comment on your dreadful inference that your gorgeous boy could bear any resemblance to That Man - shame on you!)

    Angry Dad said...

    Good old Sir Les. He always reminds me of a classic quote he did on Kerry Anne (or was it Bert's) morning show.

    "Fabulous girls those Rankin' sisters. Rhymes with one of my favourite past times... "

    h&b said...

    LOL, Angry Dad !! Love that quote !!

    And Bec - my boy does definately NOT look like Sir Les ... but it's his interest in the Yartz that reminded me of me & my sister all those years ago ;)

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